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Good things never last for long was a saying I heard people say. And, Ive wondered why does it have to be this way. If something is good, we should want to keep it with us forever. But it seems as though the "good things" are never good enough for us to hold onto them. Or does the bad things serves us a better purpose in many way, that we rather have it, instead of the "good things?"

I can't help myself with looking at the good things that we had in the past, and they disappeared like a ghost, right before our very eyes. But, however far are the good things have gone away from us, the memoories of them are embedded deep down in our minds and, for a good reason, they're there to stay.

I remembered a few "good things" that we had, and now they are gone. One of them happened in the year of nineteen sixty-nine.

In 1969, under the leadership of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, Grenada was the first Ccaribbean island to host an exlosition "Expo 69" which attracted visitors worldwide. The Expo was a success, but it died quickly, because of opposition of it from some politicians. Most likely, the politicians who've opposed the event did not look at the advantage it had, that was a good boost to the economy of Grenada. Or, they were trying to hurt any future re-election of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, who was the poor man's choice, for Prime Minister of Grenada.

Expo 69 was a big success, and it should have been done in intervals of every two, or fjve years. Instead of doing away with it.

I remembered seeing people from Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Vincent and St. Lucia, America, and Europe, etc., who'd came to the Expo 69 event to have a good time, and to enjoy the beauty, fresh air, the landscapes, the Grand E'tang Lake, and what else were there to be enjoyed. Therefore, with the quick disappearance of Expo 69, was a good reason to back up the saying, "good things never last for long."

However, I read somewhere recently, that from Feb 01st, 2019 thru Feb 28th, 2019, Grenada will host the most spell binding event that'd braced the Caribbean shores, will take place in Grenada, to celebrate the fifty year anniversary of Carifta Expo 69. That will cause the budget for 2019 to exceed two billion dollars. Bravo to that!

Another good thing that didn't last for long was, "The Easter Water Parade."

In nineteen seventy seven, Eric Matthew Gairy looked at the success he had with the Caribbean first trade.fair, and decided to have anothe bjg, wondrous event on the island again. This time, he chose the Carenage to stage it. He called it "The Easter Water Parade", and like Expo 69, it attracted visitors worldwide.

To make his project look real, Gairy insisted that sand been brought in and dropped all over the walls of the Carenage, to make it look like the days of long ago, before the harbor went and took up residence there. Boats were tied up on Gairy's imitation beach, and it was a spectacular thing to see.

Just like the exlosition "Expo 69", the "Easter Water Parade" was one of the Caribbean most attracted events that'd even been in the region. But that too had faded out abruptly, and was never seen nor heard of again.

Why does the "good things" never last for long? I've tried to dig up in many different places to find the answer to this question, but fell short in my quest on it. Only that I'd found it silly to accept the bad things are the better ones to harbor around.

And there is the "gogouyave talk shop" that linked up Gouyave people together, to share love, peace, and wonderful memories. Nothing much can be said about it these days. Only that, it's my home, away from home!


Hi could u explain what was expo 69' I was three years old when they had expo 69.


Expo 69 was a "Trade Fair" that showcased the Caribbean Islands, and ththeir individual culture. Every island had its own booth, where their culture was highligjted, and made known to the visitors of the Expo. All together, Expo 69 was an extrazaganza, that brought the Caribbean Islands together in a way never imagined it.could have been. The man that was responsible for "Expo 69" was Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, the then Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou, and Pitit Martinque.

Your question came on the hills with great curiously, but there are more people who have no clue that in 1969, Grenada hosted one of the bigget, and besr Trade Fairs in the history of it, but event never again took place in Grenada, nor in any other Caribbean island.