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Is it time to commence the replanting of guava trees in Gouyave?

After some reflection, I am always very concern for islanders who are drifting away from their 'traditional anchorage'. We know if a tree is dis-anchored it will give way eventually. The MP(member of parliament) with responsibilities for Gouyave should as of now,appeal to the Prime Minister to supply the people of the town with a free donation of Guava seedlings for replanting?

I read about some cash to be given to Kirani James from the PM of Grenada, why not use the cash instead to plant an 'Olympic Gold 2012 orchard' of guava trees as a celebration gesture to the town.

Where are the island future visionaries for the wellbeing of Gouyave and adjacent towns? Does the wellbeing of the town lie in 'a quick making' EC dollar? I dont think so, so people of Gouyave, make use of your MP, you need any spare 'government' land to be used for the replanting of guava trees. Let us bring the guava fragrance back into Gouyave! It is written in the Word of God, that the people without a vision perish!! My vision is to see an abundant of Guava trees planted on every spare area of land in Gouyave by the time of my next visitation and to see every home in Gouyave table with jugs of fresh passion juice instead of processed sugary soft drinks etc. To see a nice twist for Gouyave as a guava selling town! I believe this will happen because i have seen a small mountain stream turned into a wide river! Remember,prestigious qualifications does not guarantee VISION - I cannot get away from the Word of God today, remember David pick up a few stones......and the rest was Kingship, and 150 odd psalms.

People of Gouyave keep me posted of outcome!