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Join in praying for the country of Syria and its peoples!

Father God, enough is enough, I will not sit down and do nothing, I cry out this day in prayer for Syria and its peoples. Father God, the Maker of heaven and earth, I come before you this day, calling upon three of Your great and holy names – Deliverer, Healer and Rescuer from of old, as I bring the country and peoples of Syria before Your holy presence.

Father God, I bring into your divine presence all world leaders in authority who are discussing, making plans and designs against Syria. Father God, whatever news report I hear on the radio, see on the television, read in the newspapers, about world leaders plans against this country of Syria, I pray let your heavenly plan of goodwill and peace prevail for this nation of Syria.

Father God, you alone are the Creator of peace, I ask you Lord God Almighty, from your heavenly realm establish peace for the Syrian nation once more. Father in heaven, one of your disciple, Paul was blinded on the road to Damascus, I ask you to remove all blindness and bring the nation of Syrian and its people under your protecting canopy, as I stand on your Word, believing in its immediate effects, Deliver Syria, Heal Syria, and Rescue Syria and its peoples, for you are the healer of all nations and countries, in Jesus’ name I pray, and the people all say, Amen and Praise the Lord for hearing my prayer.
(Written by Genevieve S. – do something, pray for world leaders and all nations for safekeeping peace and goodwill as they make discussion and plans)