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That may well be his way of doing something for Gouyave

Let's hope that the stories that we are hearing about the fanfare over the burial of Sir Paul Scoon being in Gouyave are true. If so, it may well be that Gouyave will have him to thank in the long run.

During the times when this Talkshop was truly Gouyave's overseas mouthpiece, I can clearly recall how many of us criticized Sir Paul as being too aloof and "standoff-ish." Some even said that they did not consider him a Gouyave man at all and indeed thought of Sir Carlyle Glean as the true and real first Governor General hailing from Gouyave.
In some ways the criticisms were deserved, but that was just the nature and style of the man. He was definitely not a "social animal" as we understand the term. He was not one who would call folks and have them take a drink with him in one of Gouyave's rumshops. That was not he! But make no mistake about it, Sir Paul cared deeply about Gouyave's welfare.

Like some students in their final years at the GBSS, I was made a school prefect which automatically made me a Hostel Prefect as well. I never knew the basis of their selections, but maybe that was the masters's way of recognizing a senior's maturity and his contribution to the school. It was during my senior years when Paul Scoon, our Hostel Master then, would walk from his quarters over to the students' side of the Hostel building and engaged me on numerous occasions conversing about what he would one day like to do for Gouyave. When he be became Gairy's Cabinet Secretary, and again on becoming the G/G, I wrote Sir Paul congratulating him on his achievements, and reminded him about those conversations back in the Hostel.

Like many of you I too was disappointed that there was nothing tangible that we could point at to say that this was Sir Paul's contribution to Gouyave. But on further reflections I realized that the man was never in any position, quite unlike his nephew, Michael Church, that gave him the power to do anything tangible in Gouyave, or anywhere else for that matter. Other G/Gs, including Sir Carlyle Glean couldn't and didn't do it for their hometowns, so why should Sir Paul be an exception. His aloofness, and apparent lack of sociability unlike Sir Carlyle Glean, was perhaps his Achille's heel. But that's not unlike some of us who are not "ole-talkers" and therefore feel somewhat uncomfortable in "social" settings.

That being said, Sir Paul's "finest hour" to do something for Gouyave may have finally arrived by his death. Would Dr. Mitchell be pleased to have foreign dignitaries travelling to Gouyave over the "rough and tumble" Mt Granby's road when a beautiful Mabouya road ought to be constructed?
Would our government continue to have Gouyave be embarrassed with a Dougladstan cemetery that sorely needs tending to, along with continuous maintenance?

As the final resting place of Sir Paul, maybe our government will at last begin to pay the attention to our cemetery that's been far too long neglected.
And yes, maybe, just maybe too, the promises of the former government will finally be honored should Dr. Keith Mitchell's government order the take over of the maintenance of the toilets in the cemetery that our own GOUYAVE people contributed their hard-earned money to build. Then we all will be saying "ay, ay, ees a good ting dat Sir Paul Scoon aks dat dey bury him in Gouyave. Look at what dey doing nuh!!"

Won't that be something!! It's funny how life sometimes reveals its stories in unusual and unexpected ways!!

May Sir Paul rest in peace.