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Sympathy to shark head family

Rest in peace shark head. I would like to extend my sympathy to he family.

Re: Sympathy to shark head family

YES another GREAT GOUYAVE Fisher MAN in his HE DAYS has PASSED,YES SHARK HEAD has passed on,MY sympathy to his FAMILY and FRIENDS,SHARK HEAD whom I knows very well, RIP my friend,

Re: Sympathy to "Shark-head" family

Hey Sage, I was wondering if you were assuming that Buster and Sharkhead were the same person as the first name of both of them is James. Then I read the Obituary and realized that both James "Buster" and James "Shark-head" had indeed died. Yes, we are at that age when sooner or later each one of us will fall as ripe mangoes always do.

I don't think Shark-head was born in Gouyave but I may be wrong. I do remember him as a youth, some years older than me, living with his grandmother somewhere in the Crappo Street area (now Victoria Road) as best as I can recall. When his grandma died, Shark-head was literally on his own and forced to grow up as best as he could.

Shark-head could have used that as an excuse to become one of Gouyave's worst vagrant or "bahjan". Instead he tried as best as he could to stay away from those temptations. Sure he had his fist-fights with Pridey and Kootoon and Daniel and Ashant and others, but they were not unlike most other young boys who at one time or another in our Gouyave back then, were challenged to prove their fighting prowess, if not their manhood. Who knows, maybe that was the graduation test that Gouyave boys used to allow you to be called a real Gouyaveman!

I remember him working for my mother for a while in one of her boats, and fondly recall some of his wild stories (true or not) about going out in the ocean to fish.
When Mr. Neville Benjamin (Melo's dad) and Mr. Phillip and Mr. McCloud became too old to continue flying their massive bamboo kites on Brickie and Old Brickie, guys like Shark-head, Ashant, and Swell among others took over where the old-timers left off. Kite season was truly a time to look forward to when those guys in huge numbers would be flying their kites in the Bay, by the river, on Old and New Brickie, or on the Fort. Shark-head would be chief among them.

Gouyave wouldn't remember James Blackman Caton as one of its outstanding students. That he wasn't, but we will all remember Shark-head as one of those characters that helped to define Gouyave as a "fun town to"we always stick together town" and "a don't mess with me town."

To the family of James Blackman Caton aka, Shark-Head, sincere condolences are extended from the DeCoteau family of New Street. He brought many smiles to those of us who knew him. May he rest in peace.

Re: Sympathy to shark head family

I know Shark Head, but I don't know which family in Gouyave he came from. I've been told, by mymother, that he was related to me. If indeed he was related to me, then it had to have been on my father's side of the family. Because, my grandmother, by my father, had the last name, "Caton", as well.

Shark Head was a very nice fella to be friends with. He was much older than me, but he shown respect to the young people, as if it was all that he lived for.

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Shark Head's family, and friends on his passing. Gouyave has again lost one of its pure hearted, and straight-forward men. But, Shark Head has gone to a better place, where there's no sickness, death, nor pain. Be strong, and God will lead you correctly, along the way of your lost of your loved one, and the grief and pain that you're now experiencing.

May Shark Head's soul Rest in Peace!