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Brain or brainless : take a word smart-pill!

A few days ago, I met up with a 'readoholic'(my own word, I think?) friend. She is an avid reader, my goodness, she read books like a fish needs water. On a whole, she reads one or two books a month covering a wide range of genres, eg love story, crime, comedy, science fiction, (you name it she will read it). Over coffee, I probed about her latest reading book - she opened her eyes very wide, and said, I had a dictionary constantly at hand whilst reading this book. (My mind straightaway went to the post titled: I'M Brainless!) Saying that she added, the author's linguistic style was brilliant, out of this world. The philosophically slant of this story, is basically,if an avid reader, who with her constant reading pattern (which I cannot compete - for my friend is on her own reading stage)needs a dictionary for her latest book, it proves a point, that despite the way in which someone compartmentalised themselves that is, brain or brainless, one should try to rise above the challenge of the author unique use of vocabulary, by simply getting out a dictionary or asking someone to find out the meaning of the word or words for them.

My friend further added, that because she had to keep looking up the meaning of words, it slowed down her reading flow, so, she continued, that she would have to re-read the book, so that she gets the full grasp of the story!

On the subject of dictionary, literarily speaking, I took time to check out some new words for entry in the next published dictionary for March 2013 series, let me name a few (I have not yet investigated their meaning, but I think some of them speak for themselves), examples are:
creolist, creolistics, Cariban, super-obese,audiologic,defriend,smart-pill, vulcanologic,symptothermal....

So with all these new words emerging whether one considers oneself to be with a brain or without a brain - our vocabulary skills are being
enhanced to ensure that the new learning of words and their meaning is constantly evolving for every man, woman and child. And for the purpose of this post, correctly or incorrectly, I have managed to make use of one new word - brain or brainless : take a word smart-pill!

Father God, I thank you for the gift to learn new things, in this case new words followed by their meanings, and most of all, I thank you for my fellow brothers and sisters all over the worlds who come up with new words. I thank you that our learning of words never remain stagnant and Your own Word will help add to our ever increasing vocabulary. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.