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Bar-rel Christmas : Its a roll away!

I must confess that I am totally oblivious to the ‘barrel world’ – I have never sent a barrel or took delight in the contents of an opened barrel. When I hear or read people’s concerns about the overturning of a goodwill gesture of ‘Christmas free barrel’. The first question, I asked myself, Is it free? When I made enquiries with a colleague from the Caribbean, I was informed that one had to pay the bill of lading prior to collecting the ‘free’ barrel. To me free means - a barrel arrives, I go to collect it,take it away and end of story. No payment whatsoever! From what my colleague told me, of course, the barrel collection is not completely free. I suppose every little reduction is a help towards the receiver wellbeing.

There are generous family members overseas, who will be able to send a barrel and also send the appropriate monies for the collection of the barrel. For many families may say, No problem for it is only once a year! I know one lady in her late eighties, who have been sending a large Christmas barrel to Trinidad year upon year. As I sat down with her, around early October last year, drinking some tea, she related to me with great excitement about the goodies that she had purchased for her relatives in Trinidad so that they would be able to celebrate Christmas in style! I asked the elderly lady, if her family had received any additional gifts from anyone for their Christmas celebrations when she was say a young girl in Trinidad, she replied no, but, we did not need it, we had sorrel, rice and peas and chicken, and she added the smell of that ham, everyone knew it was Christmas morning, and the fruit cake and the icing, oh we had nice ... special Christmas days, you know, before the ‘Christmas memory’ tears started flowing. But, there are those who make an enormous personal sacrifice, in sending a barrel, with already limited funds due to global recession hitting a large percentage of the nations, to ensure that their family and extended family members share the seasonal joy at this time of the year – and may not have additional funds to forward for the barrel collection at its final destination. This is where the heart rendering situation surfaces.

Father God, I bring before your divine presence all peoples who are preparing to or have already sent a barrel to their loved ones to help them celebrate the Christmas season or meet diverse needs. Father God, reward their spirit of generosity with your love and goodwill. Also, I bring into your presence, all peoples who rely only on you Lord to provide their needs for there is no other. As I stand on your Word,and believing, that The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want... in Jesus’ name, I pray and the people all say, Amen and Praise the Lord.