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Re: Ministers Trip to NY on Offical business.


I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of the situation instead of the unprecedented approach takenby the good Lady Parliamentarian. IMHO, I think the PM preempted the possible fall-out of this and spun it in the form of a public acknowledgement of her prudent approach in light of our doad straight economic situation.

But there remains the daunting question of that "unilateral decision" which may had inadvertently exposed the PM's cost containment initiative that was implemented as part of his economic re-revitalization plan. One can ask, has the message been received by all his government ministers and disseminated down to his respective offices? and if so, does ministers and other government officials travel accommodations fall under his plan?

At the risk of micromanaging, I think the PM needed to take this oopportunity to send a clear message to the public that saying that government ministers would also be required to "suck salt" in this gru-gru times and ensure the people that his austerity program is indeed a shared sacrifice.

It should not have taken the action of his cabinet minister to expose the problem.

Gouyaveman, on trading Champagne and Cavier for Fry Soltfish , Bakes and Cocoa Tea.

Re: Ministers Trip to NY on Offical business.

I am hoping that the takeaway from this fallout is that going forward more research and thought would be exercised when making arrangements. The underlying principle is that if you are going to beg for help you should not be landing in a Lear Jet (Enron), but if you are going there to give help it really doesn’t matter what you land in and could be a plus to land in a Lear.

Put the people with the best life experience for the post or train the people before you expose them to something that is totally foreign to them, no pun intended. Have you ever walked into a Government office to get a document or license or passport or something official and the person on the other side of the desk is doing their nails or on the phone and they just say to you “come back”?

Have you ever witnessed a line left hanging when the attendant just closes up and goes to lunch? Accountability. Training, Training and more ongoing training is needed to prepare people to better handle these responsibilities

About the bakes, coco tea and solfish diplomacy I am all for that when you selling a project to another parish or looking for votes during elections. There was not one that I know of that was better at that then Gairy, but he used it within the 12 by 21 canvas called Grenada. When he stepped out globally he was all class. I am giving jack his jacket here.

Lets move from the status quo and up Our game because everybody else is doing just that.

Re: Ministers Trip to NY on Offical business.


There seems to be an inherent problem within our government structure, one that encourages the lack of responsibility which leads to the incompetence you so aptly described.

It remains so imbedded in the functionality of our government, that it renders it disfunctional at times. This is a system where there seems to be a total resistance to change, hence impeding every effort for a learning experience from those who have the knowledge and experience to make a difference.

We seem quite comfortable in our ability to reject any advice (particularly those from America) in preference for own "home- grown" that we fail to realize we are perpetuating the the problem thus providing the breeding ground for that incompetency.

But the irony of this is, we seem to show a remarkable accumen for change and adaptability once we travel.

This tells me it is not so much as an individual resistance to change but an environmental accommodation for resistance that stifles the individual.

It is the fall-out we are seeing here in this latest fiasco and it is one that begs for an educational intervention.


Re: Ministers Trip to NY on Offical business.

From a broad prospective angling, I am picking up on Gouyaveman succinctly perfectly balanced post with Gouyaveman's subtle hint of impartiality, I support the Minister or Ministers in their selective lodging decisions based on their exceptional good judgement and not driven by personal, social or worldly vanities.

Responses to certain disputive media situations are dependent on where people are in their lives, in present time and space, for example, if someone is in dire conditions, then anything luxurious is looked upon as paradise (but is it?); if all is going well psychologically then where-ever you abode does not really matter. Some family homes are luxurious to say the least, during my travels, I have once opted to abode in a friend’s house instead of a hotel, I laid in my bed watching tv, a side table with kettle/small fridge etc and the only major omission was the wide array of the hotel buffet style meals - it was lovely and quiet.

The decisions taken by anyone regardless of their professional or socio economic status are personally based on their integrity and should be respected by all. What is expected are constructive criticisms with a degree of subtle impartiality, not wishy-washy, off-the-cuff blocking comments, or basically digging up trails of dirt and past events.

I unashamingly take my hat off to the Minister or Ministers and wish them well in the ministerial pursuits and future leadership roles.

Did not Mahatma Ghandi’s lifestyle raise the capital R in respect for his country?

Father God, in the name of Jesus I pray for all global government ministers in their difficult roles, especially small developing countries whose voices are often overshadowed by the big powers on the world-superpolitical stage whatever they do are at times subject to criticisms by the people who they try to serve, for they all lack the wisdom for dealing with a wide range of peoples and nations. Lord grant them wisdom to ask for the Wisdom from on high, so that they will govern and carry out their ministry with fairness, justice and integrity. Lord, I praise and thank you for I know that you are raising up future ministers to lead countries. And the people say Amen and Praise the Lord.

Re: Ministers Trip to NY on Offical business.

>>I also deplore the extravagance but she should have completed the mission according to protocol and when she got back to the country then take it up with the powers that be and the department in charge of making travel arrangements so going forward this would not happen.<<

There are two important concerns in your comment. My concern was mainly with the first. It seems that you did not give her enough credit for bringing to the fore a concern that many people have long been feeling. We've seen too many times where our diplomats spend monies as though "money is no problem." That the Minister took such a stand is what I commend her for. Nothing more.

But yes, I do agree that she could have gone about it exactly as you suggested in the second part. She had to have known ahead of time that the monies were assigned to her staying at the Hilton. So it definitely would have been prudent for her to raise her concerns/objections before the trip or even when she returned to Grenada. But then again sometimes it does take the dramatic to bring a point/concern more forcefully into public view.

And to Mr. G/man: A man like you would gladly and willingly trade in your champagne for bakes, cocoa tea and saltfish anytime of the day(lol)!!

Hey Maya, don't take these silly comments so seriously man. It's meant just to lighten up things. Let's have a laugh even amidst very serious discussions.