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Water log! Is it possible to hydrate too much?

In 2007 a 28 year old mother of three Jenifer strange collapsed and died in her Sacramento home after taking part in a contest “hold your Wee for Wii”sponsored by a local radio station. The goal was to drink as much water as possible without going to the bathroom, with the winner earning a Nintendo Wii. Strange’s death was blamed on a condition called hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication. She had drunk so much water that the levels of sodium in her blood were diluted, causing dangerous- and in this case fatal-swelling in the brain.

Over the last decade, medical directors at major marathons have sounded the alert about the dangers of over drinking in the wake of a dozen deaths attributed to hyponatremia. Because the condition was not widely known, medical teams often mistook the symptoms for dehydration and pumped even more fluids into collapsed runners. Now first aid personnel at races are aware of the risks, but the condition remains far more common than most people realize, since its first stages may not produce any obvious symptoms. With the health authorities and media praising the benefits of H2o, over-hydration is something to keep in mind even if you are not running marathons.

So how many times should you refill your water bottle? The best solution is to avoid drinking more than eight ounces every 20 mins while working out or a maximum of two litres (8 glasses) a day when at rest.

Or, according to exercise physiologist Tim Noakes “if you’re thirsty drink; if not don’t”

Re: Water log! Is it possible to hydrate too much?

Hey miss P eight glasses of water stretched over the day,isnt to much,(But Is that Compulsary or when you are thirsty) I agree with the latter Drink when you are Thirsty and Don't Overdrink,

Re: Water log! Is it possible to hydrate too much?

Melo, that's a great piece of advice for everyone. But it was a contest. Thirst had nothing to do with the amount of liquid consumed by the participants in the contest. The prize(s) may not have worth the risk, but some people love taking chances, even if it means death for them at the end. To me, its irrational to go that way, for recognition, or a small prize.

I saw a similar story from Africa a few years ago. The drink wasn't water, but a sort of a homemade liquor. The rules in that contest were almost the same, as in the story told here. The winner was a young boy, who was to get married in two days, after the contest was held. Unfortunately, he died from drinking too much of the juice in the contest. He didn't collect the winner's prize; nor got married to the beautiful girl, and make her his wife.

Again, some folks enjoys doing strange things, without compromising it.

I'll advise others not to partake in over-drinking of any sort of liquids, for their own good.

This is indeed a sad story, but the ultimate price must be paid sometimes, for others to learn a lesson.