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Re: Poems and life...continued

There will be days of little sunshine. But hold on a minute, that too will change for “change is constant.”

Sometimes the sun then the rain.
Sometimes a smile and then the pain.
Sometimes the loss and then the gain.
Sometimes neglect and then the fame.
Sometimes the day, but comes the night.
Sometimes blindness but then the sight.
Sometimes a hill and then the flat.
Sometimes the ball, sometimes the bat.
Sometimes the rest before the test,
The time to try your utmost best.
Sometimes a pat upon your back;
Sometimes a kick will knock you flat.
All this I say so you will know,
Sometimes you reap, sometimes you sow.
Life is not a rosy bed.
Sometimes hunger before you’re fed.
So, if you are in depression’s hold,
Stay the path, be very bold.
Sometimes we rise, sometimes we fall.
Persevere, keep standing tall.

And finally, the time comes for us to move on and not cling to depression. The past is the past and we cannot bring it back.

Move on, Brother; don’t be crushed by time.
Sister, you can reach that line.
Burdens like a big stone fall,
Knock us hard and make us bawl.
But rise we must and face the day,
Like mango leaves in breezes sway.
At times the rain precedes the sun,
And seasons in their course do come.
So pain today will never last.
The joy will come; just hold on fast.
The life that stirs within the soul
Will edge us on to reach that goal.
No pain no gain they often say.
Keep pushing on; you’ll have your day
AnthonyWendell DeRiggs.