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Bring back our Wooden buses : update

Much appreciation to all the wonderful forum post authors, for taking time out from their festive preparations, and going beyond the 'Study your Head' call of duty (maybe an early New Year resolution, wake up call, for all peoples, please God 2014,to Study your Head), in providing very detailed, insightful, informative, succinct accounts of the Wooden buses which highlighted the conceptual domain behind their names. And a special thank you to Brother DeRiggs for tipping the bucket with one drop of water... as by 'one mouse click' a discussion of recollective thoughts came to light.

Also, if there are still a few Wooden buses on the Grenadian roads ... the call to bring back some more should be good news ...jobs for local carpenters/joiners etc. Bring back our Wooden buses!

Furthermore, it would be nice to get a post from one of the drivers of the Wooden buses that are still roadworthy .... someone on the island, try to speak to one of the drivers and get their story and the name of the bus! Have anyone pictures of a Wooden bus!

After a brief, personal studying of my head thoughts, I was touched to read about the nicknamed bus owner of Study your Head, 'Muffman' - at this season of goodwill - what a wonderful unsung blessed hero,for putting the welfare of a next generation of students before personal financial gain. May the Good Lord, reward Muffman relatives forever down their generations - may they they always be the Head and not the tail, always at the top and never at the bottom. Amen.

Maybe someone may have known 'Muffman', write a post.......