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Christmas Sorrel : sweet or not too sweet, spiced or not too spiced, a festive dilemna?

My great-grandmother (of Crown colony Grenada era!) who I was blessed to know, liked to drink her enamel cup of sorrel, very sweet with cracked ice, (of course when available, as a child, she told me the local grocer shop owner would buy a huge ice block from the Beausejour ice factory (I visited this colonial days factory once), he would wrapped the ice block in a dark brown hessian bag, take it on the wooden bus, to his shop, then carry it up the village to sell, usually quite close to eating time – as everyone bring out their jug, as he hammered off chunks of the fast melting ice block).

I recall my great-grandmother telling me, that the best glass of sorrel she had drunk was when she visited someone in the town of Victoria – it was lovely and sweet with not too much spice. She always wanted to know how the Victoria lady made it so lovely! Apparently, since that idyllic glass of Victoria sorrel, no other glasses of sorrel even her own was the same! I am able to drink it sweet or unsweetened, with spices or without spices, with ice or without ice. In terms of festive feasting, no Christmas feast would be a feast without my freshly made up jug of sorrel from the fresh petals.

Now unlike the 'black cake' variations - I must admit whatever variations or additions is made to the sorrel drink by any of my fellow Caribbean folks is always...wait for it......LOVELY to drink.

Enjoy! I thank the Good Lord for the Sorrel plant!