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Re: We used to say all kinda ting in Grenada:

Papa God ah begging you please

Papa God ah begging you please:
Hear my plea:
Forgive those who constantly seek to tease, tomfool, mamaguy and bamboose others.
Have pity on those who treat people like pappyshow, stupidee, jackasses and laughing stock.
Bless those who are scrunting and catching their nen nen to make a little panquaye.
Help those who suffer in these times that is harder than gru gru, campesh wood, Labaye rock and Mr. Joe Joe’s kajam.
Enlighten those who keep pulling down each other and live like crabs in ah barrel.
Comfort the lonely who sit in a corner like poor me one.
Brighten the countenances of those who look like what shall I do?
Help us always to speak words of wisdom and not bray ta ta, too too, brango and ka ka pull all the time.
Shield us from the prying eyes of maccoes and those who like commess, dey say and tabaye.
Stay the hands of those who live to jook ants nest and set people against each other.
Help the sick to soar high above their pain like bamboo and flex kites in the sky.
And to those who are waiting
For the time when people kick the bucket
To enjoy the rum, rice and peas and curry goat in the praise and happy hour
Make their wait be as long as twine or when **** have teeth.
Keep us healthy, grateful and kind so that crappo will not smoke our pipes.
And help us to remember that we will reap what we sow
For if we plant green fig, we can’t expect to harvest bluggoe or breadfruit .
Wendell DeRiggs