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Re: Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It's not possible for anyone to prophesy an outcome for any part of 2014, but optimism for a benevolent 2014 should be sound within everyone of us. We know that some people will fall prey to unfortunate times at some point in 2014; and that some will be affected naturally, carelessly, violently, naively, and out of guard. Thus, making it eaiser to stop and think about when, what, why, where, and how we steer our lives, on a daily basis in the new year.

For me, the best way is to walk in the light of God, and prepare for the unexpected, so that when bad things appears before us, it will do us no harm, because under the shadow of 'God's Wings', no harm can penetrate our space. It's a new year and, so, it's a great hance to make it a new beginning!

Be alert. Be strong, and of good cheer!

Be good to others, and love everything that God had made.

Stop the violence. Stop all hatred, and prejudices that only damages the livelihood of any class of people. Use a clean slate, and surround thyself with a bunch of good people. Remember to make education a top priority in 2014. You will not regret it!

Education has the magnificient quality of setting one apart from the others. It doesn't need 'a cutting-edge technology' to make it work. In fact, education can have as its function the changing of social status of the preservation of the status quo. I am appealing to all to make the right choice in 2014.

2013 might've left some people behind in spiritual and material sparkle. 2014 is a year to do the right thing to achieve good standings for your endeavors. Remember, what you sow is what you'll reap! Good seeds brings forth good fruits; bad seeds brings forth bad. Keep these things in mind as you go through the new year, 2014, and everything is going to be alright.

Have a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year, one and all! May the Peace of God be upon you.