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2014 Resolutions : beneficial or unbeneficial to one's emotional,psychological,spiritual wellbeing?

I have a tendency to sit down on New Year's day or a day later, put pen to paper and write out some New Year resolutions. Over previous years, I usually write the resolution list on the back page of a book and as the months progress, and one goes about one’s daily business, I have another tendency to naturally forget about the 'resolution list'. Sometimes, during the year or years later, when I am tidying up, I may pick up a book, not even remembering that I had written a list in any particular book, and flipping through the pages, I spot the list, and the date. I read the list, and think, yes, I achieve such and such, so and so has received complete healing, a few listed resolutions were not accomplished for whatever reasons.

With the advent of the technology, I am tapping out my resolutions and will save the list in my Word file, and on memory stick. Please God, I will try to return to my list if I remember, dependent on my preoccupation with other things as the months get underway.

A few things on my 2014 resolution list includes -
• get rid of my ‘hoarded’ papers, items that I planned to mend/repair over the years, and it is still in the ‘things to do tray’;
• cook a meal and invite a few folks to share a communal meal in my home; (I like this one)
• enhancement of personal vision (the Word of God says that the people without a vision perish): I plan to spend some time, reading once more, the biblical account written by the prophet Isaiah – why Isaiah? - because of God’s breathtaking vision, as I too have some breathtaking vision for my life and my loved ones this 2014. …. The idea of ‘Arise and shine for your light has come’……... the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light..….. finest foods and the finest wines…. I will walk and not faint… I will mount up with wings like eagles….And I just want to close my eyes this 2014, and envision any burdens ….. as fuel for the fire.
• A family Christmas 2014 'siblings' reunion in the Caribbean and together plant a few guava/nutmeg seedlings on our family land (My Gran will be very pleased!)

Father in heaven, your Word tells us: Which of you, if your son asks for bread will give him a stone? - Lord, I ask for the fulfilment of our listed 2014 resolutions, only if it is according to you divine plan, for your plan for us is nothing short of sheer perfection. Amen and Praise the Lord.

So, I throw open a question into the Forum arena –
2014 New Year resolutions: beneficial or unbeneficial to one’s emotional, psychological, spiritual wellbeing, that’s a starter‘New Year’ question?