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Popping or pulling? : Join in the celebrations!

I spotted that Sunday 19 January 2014, is National Popcorn Day and also Tin Can day (Tin can was invented around 1810)

Some people are very dismissive of tinned foods, in favour of fresh foods, and of course they are absolutely correct. On the contrary, as a child on the island, tinned items were a 'luxurious treat' in our household, my grandmother occasionally purchased a tin of condensed milk for the Sunday stout punch. For the Christmas cake making ritual the butter came in a tin. Also, some Sundays we had a treat ‘a tin of Trinidad grapefruit juice’ in our juice jug – the taste was heavenly. The tins were not discarded; they were washed out, dried in the sun, greased, and recycled as small cake tins.

As a child, I do not recall eating popcorn, but I do recall the November advent of the ‘asham’, parched corn, then through the mill and mixed with sugar. I love popcorn; my favourite is the homemade popped kernels, and, less frequently the ready prepared packet of buttery toffee popcorn. I was quite amazed by the array of savoury and sweet flavours now available, I spotted online a jar of ‘almond pecan’flavoured popcorn, and I would just love to get my fingers into a jar or packet of that popcorn.

I plan to take time out this weekend, to pop some corn kernels, and to pull the ring of a tin can of something, in total appreciativeness, so I can join in the National Popcorn Day and the Tin Can day celebrations as I enjoy the blessed rest on every side.

Father God, all praise and thanks for the magnificent wisdom and wonderful counsel that you gave to some men and women to create new things, like the tin can which can store food for a long period of time, and the different culinary cooking changes, so corn kernels can turn into popcorn, which is a favourite snack for every people, nation, language and tribe, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.