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Titiree, Titiwi, Titiri : 'oildown-ing and fritter-ing' a critique!

Dear Gouyaveman

First and foremost, much appreciation for your very detailed forum posts, outlining your well developed and explorative critique(which of course excel most critiques, and is in a unique critique class of its own meaning making), all your highlighted points were duly read, whilst sipping my glass of freshly made soursop juice. Do excuse my humble impertinence, but I grippingly await Part 3, as Part 2 of your post seemed unfinished - just as well, because my soursop juice came to an end!

Of course Gouyaveman, forum post authors, have a right to express their opinions, preferably opinions of a very reflective or critical nature based on one’s socialisation, personal, layperson views, beliefs and academic principles. On the contrary, Gouyaveman, with no disrespect, I noted that your new posts reply seemed to angle away from your 'norm' incorporating a religious outlook, inclusive of course, of your magnificent writing style of high standing and par excellence. The posts, although unfinished, was of great reading interest!

Philosophically speaking, consistency and writing style are two of my key concepts when writing or addressing issues for whatever genre, and is part of my ‘writing’ identification.

So, dear Gouyaveman, it is so lovely to see your name back on the forum post where it belongs in all its wonderful and magnificent glory. Furthermore, I do not think you should have any concerns for passed family members ‘titiri oil down/ titiri fritters’ feasts,(what does a titiri oil down taste like?? - and I have never eaten/or sampled an ‘oildown’) - a gentle reminder, that the Word tells us, about the heavenly banquet menu of the ‘finest foods and the finest wines' which will be prepared by the Good Father.

Best wishes Gouyaveman for a lovely 2014, and I pray that the God of Heaven will give you perfect rest and peace on everyside as the year progress, and your light will come and you will arise, and be lifted up higher than your own dreams, much love, in Jesus name. Amen.