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This is great. I love that ban. It is about time. Children has no right drinking beers. I was very disturbed by the Halloween party where I noticed very young children drinking beers. Banning alcohol at school events is the first step in making changes in the consumption of alcohol for youths. I am pleased.

No ALCOHOL. AT SCHOOL SPORTS : Yes, alcohol in school Chemistry lessons only!

Now as a Colony of Grenada child, whilst the drinking of alcohol is being consumed by the young people at the party - I would have been have been sitting at home, with a glass of lime juice, trying to figure out my french etymological derivatives of: boucheri, boucheriviere, booshayri, boucheriviyre, busheree, bushyri, or busheree.

And to send you 'Strawberry' flying off to the shops to get some 'alcoholic flavoured' cream (or something 100% overproof) for your strawberry, did you know that the word strawberry, emerged because, the drooping red berries of the plant were rested on 'straw', hence the name, strawberry! And,the word 'beer' stems from the Latin word, 'bibere', (I am not a Latin expert, now Sir Paul Scoon (RIP),bless him, would have put me right) - can any of his ex students put me right, is the middle b in 'bibere' silent?) - giving way to the 'biere' sound?). On a humourous note, of course, pronunciation is very important, because you could ask for a 'bear' instead of a 'beer' - it would have been quite nice if 'bears' had turned up at the Halloween party instead of 'beers' then all the young people would have ran home!

The community needs to enhance their supportive role even further and with more vigilance for appropriate behaviour in and out of schools, if I had the privilege of giving a talk to these young learners, I would put across a strong message of high academic expectations across with clarity in the school assembly (and at a parents evening assembly) - starting with a question, who can put their hand up and explain the etymology of the word alcohol? or the etymology of the word beer? - followed by: let the alcohol be put to good academic use in the chemistry laboratory only and not anywhere else in THIS SCHOOL. At the end of the day, a BSc(Hons) in chemistry, may encourage and facilitate better technological distillation procedures or techniques for the island sugar cane produce,or coming back to this school to deliver chemistry lessons, to the next generation who will take your seat - not forgetting that Chemistry is one of the examination requirements for medical/nursing school, where maybe as a future doctor/nurse some of you will have to deal with alcohol related ailments! So as learners, lets keep alcohol - in the form of ethanol, methanol etc. where it belongs in the Chemistry practical lesson and speaking of Sports, once again on a Chemistry Periodic Table there are two pure elements that can be won on the international superstage - Gold with its chemical symbol:(Au), Silver (Ag), with Bronze (not included on the table because it is not a pure element) it is made up from copper (Cu) and other metals.

I praise and thank God, that every morning, my zeal for learning of new things is renewed, and I am so grateful. Father God, help all teachers and parents to nurture and encourage their learners in the light of drastic social changes, in Jesus name I ask. Amen.