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To discuss the ramifications of the poor man's plight, I must start with that it's based on human error. According to Genesis, in the Holy Bible, God made man, and gave him herbs to eat as meat. Everything was there for man's survival, but he deviated from it, by his own choice. Man left Paradise, and ran after toiling in the sun, to eat bread. For His action, for which there was no clemency; but punishment for violating the secrets that he'd agreed to. This had been the fate of man, after he'd fallen from grace.

Down throughout the ages, there has been different class of people. They're the first and second class,.according to society. The Democratic Party deals all class of folks, while The Republican Party deals with the first class people mostly. I think that the way the Democratic Party is being viewed, is because they concentrate heavily of their domestic issues. But, the Republican Party's concentration is heavily placed on National Interest. There a vast difference between the Democratic ans the Republican Party. The only thing they have in common the seeking of votes on any General Elections Day! With the Democratic Party, you can have some food on your table, and with the Republican Party, you have to eat the crumbs that fell off the table.

For some people, suffering is all they know. It may not be any fault of theirs, but life is made this way for them. Others are responsible for their demise, because of wasted years they spent doing nothing that was worth the while. These are the people who looks out to rob and kill for want of food,.and money to support their drug habit. Although the sufferers of the times need help, one has to be careful, when it comes to giving cash to them. They usually use any money to do other things than what they had asked for the money to do. They rather burn up any money they come across in drugs and unlawful things.

With that, the suffering of those people who are down and out cannot be permanently eradicated. Some will have enough to spare; others won't have anything at all. If the need comes our way to help someone,.we should do it without much questions for its reason.

It's a blessing to look down on someone, with intentions to pick him up.