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Dependence to independence : Enjoy the 'spice isle' spectacular celebrations!

As the island of my birth celebrates 40 years of independence – Do I feel psychologically, emotionally, ethically invited to join in the celebrations? Of course, I wish the islands and peoples the very best as the celebrations commenced, with a gold Olympic medal as my celebration backdrop.

Also, I feel part of the inclusivity based solely on our ancestral plots of land which now mark the final resting place of my beloved grandmother, mother, gran-aunts and uncles who despite their passing from the earth, I still feel surrounded by their deep family love of complete inclusiveness that reflects the salt of the earth, of which I am so grateful. On a reflective personal note,I believe it is not the place of birth that should be celebrated but in my case, a big celebratory factor is the deep fragranced, beautifying family love which surrounded me for the eight years of childhood spent on the island, of which this ancestral ‘unquenchable dream of selfless love’ cannot ever be severed from dependence to independence.

Father God, I praise and thank you for the island of my birth, as the peoples prepare to celebrate the anniversary of its independent status shower your blessings on all celebratees both at home and abroad. Almighty God, your Word reminds me that my citizenship is in Heaven, where thousand of angels will greet us, where the Lord God Almighty himself will prepare the finest wines and the finest foods, and a prepared room in the heavenly mansion, so help me to detach myself from the world and look forward to your total inclusivity of perfect celebratory praise, love and peace, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.