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"Third World's" Bunny Rugs RIP!

Lead singer of the iconic reggae band, Third World, William 'Bunny Rugs' Clarke is dead.

Clarke, who would have turned 66 this Thursday, February 6, passed away last night in a hospital in Orlando, Florida.

He had been diagnosed with cancer and had been battling the disease in intensive care.

It is reported that because of health problems, he missed some of the shows in Third World's 40th anniversary tour in 2013.

Clarke, who has helped to shape the history of reggae, has spent the past 31 years with Third World.

His musical career began at age 15.

For years he was a member of the renowned Inner Circle band and the duo, Bunny and Ricky.

His death, which comes at the start of Reggae month has sent shock waves throughout the entertainment industry, with several tributes on Facebook last night.

Junior Taylor, a former tour manager of the group, said Bunny Rugs' death was the end of a voice that was very distinctive.

"A voice that throughout the 1970s and 80s, made an impact globally for reggae music.

"It's not the most pleasant way to start reggae month," he noted adding that Rugs was a very jovial and caring person and the consummate professional.

"Third World's" Bunny Rugs RIP! : Now that we found love.... what are we going to do...with it?

Another 'music' island flower has fallen asleep, may he rest in perfect peace, as he returns to His Creator who will lavish him with even more of that perfectlove.Amen. I remember hearing and watching the group perform,one of their big hits, 'Now that we found love' on the TV as a teenager and I just loved them all - now I am crying, as I remember those carefree teenage days - just love those guys, 'Bunny' was such a talented 'articulate' vocalist (that distinctive voice), and a superb guitarist.

Father God, I praise and thank you for the unique musical 'super' gifts and talents that you lavishingly dished out to your children from all nations, language, tribe and people, all because of your great love for mankind, which they sang back to you with ONE LOVE,ONE HEART..., I remember my brothers and sisters on the island of Jamaica as they prepare to celebrate one of the island 'superstar' Bob Marley Day. Almighty God, one of your Names is 'I am the Lord who heals you', I place into your hands all those suffering from all named disease, illness and pain, knowing that the Name of Jesus is above every name, grant your healing peace and comfort, in Jesus' Name Amen.

And last but not least, thanks 'Tank' for bringing this to forum attention - much love!