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Webmaster : Yellow Card Warning to Observer!

Dear Webmaster

Under my new forum title as Lady Genevieve, I do believe that Observer is pushing the boundary of the Forum Gouyave Talk by the contents of post dealing with some 'highly static charged' ethically combative, complex cases of societal morality and I call for Observer to receive a 'yellow warning'card. On the whole, Observer's comments based on personal moral judgements are highly respected and Observer's intervention in forum matters of a very high calibre - that is not questionable, but honourable, and as a forum author, this is held in the highest esteem.

However, I am pushing for this warning citing number 1 of the Rules of the talk shop - basically, a 'threatening' violation towards the health and general well being of the authors of post and visiting readers, with substantiated reference made in the last post, with regard to elevated hypertension level. I trust that this complaint will be upheld and fully investigated.

Finally, I would be most appreciative if the revamping of the website could be considered, I propose a 'gauva' emblem for GoGouyave website and a different colour(maybe a lime green) for the GoGouyave.com's Forum (I think that the apostrophe should be removed to read: GoGouyave.com Forum).

Awaiting outcome, much appreciation Dear Webmaster for all your behind the scene efforts.

PS: Father in heaven, please continue to fill Observer, your precious child with your overflowing love and peace in Jesus' Name. Amen.


Re: Webmaster : Yellow Card Warning to Observer!

lol i like that ha ha very funny. i am going send them to the hospital lol