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Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Tony i wish i could, believe me. I pick on the democratic party, because they always get the majority of the minority votes, yet after each election, they are no better off, most times, worst off. For example, the unemployment rate for blacks six years ago was 14 percent, now it's 17.5 percent. The black and black violence is out of control, kids have no respect for anyone. After the election, we are forgotten no matter which party wins. It is time we start looking for something other than these two parties (democrats/ republicans)

The majority of us that come from the islands were raised as conservatives, meaning, decency, good morals,respect and god fearing, because without religion, this world will be in chaos. And imagine the same party that we vote for all the time, took god out of their platform last election. The difference between myself and you guys is that i hold onto what i came with and treasure it dearly and you guys don't. You brand me republican, just because i am conservative lol just as all black people being sold the idea that if you black you must vote democratic.

How many of you, want to see your kids looking neat and nice, educated, nice job, nice family, good manners and doing well and god fearing? I am sure all of you ha ha. then maybe you are a conservatives lol which does not make you a republican.

Look around you here in Brooklyn at the majority of the kids and grown ups, the way they dress, look and behave, what type of job, do you think they will get? the minimal paying jobs.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Whoaaa! Easy there observer, it seems to me that you might be the one at risk for hypertension with all this ranting and raving about situations you cant control, the only person getting hurt is you So get that monkey off your back

Observer: Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change - to set the captives free! Amen.

Dear Observer

I thought of what my Grandmother (RIP) would say to your post, and her reply would have been, 'if that's what the person want to write that's what the person have to write, for the person have every right to say what they like'.

I agree with all your points in the last post, however, I believe this cultural changes are very global as part of the morality emerging monoculture in the form of a word - Change. So I put forth a few questions, who have the moral authority to tell people to Change? Why is Change bringing about irremediable destruction to societies members, some more so than others? Is man-made zero-tolerance changes the new way forward for change? What is the moral acceptance limits for change however grand or subtle? Which societal group or groups suffer most in this morality of change dilemna?

From a socio-philosophical perspective, the change being seen by my own vision when I read the online news, is all to do with folks (whatever colour) wanting to be in the fast lane with no effort – let us be realistic, after all, a struggling family even one on welfare may win the lottery and become overnight millionaires – there is a generation of young people who have been reared with the millionaire ‘lottery’ backdrop dream – so why study? Why work? Why be polite to me – just suck your teeth, ignore me carrying my heavy bags? Why keep the Sabbath? Why care for the changing environment? Why share your food? – when your six numbers can shoot out of a lottery machine at any time; other factors include, entering a tv talent show and becoming a sensational overnight – so people even family members are frightened to say anything, in case their ‘little’ darling hit the big time. I once heard a Pastor on the radio, he stated, the work of the devil is to keep people quiet.

From a scriptural note, the Lord hardens heart, as he did to the new Pharaoh who made the people of Israel find their own straw to complete their allocated building quota of bricks every day (A Change leading to undue suffering and hardships) – Pharaoh called the people lazy, Moses and Aaron met with Pharaoh and told him May the Lord look upon you and judge you.[remember, the previous Pharaoh gave the people straw to make the bricks - their life was easier]

So, people should stop ‘romancing’ about their lives and ‘see’ things as they are, and not in their own ‘fantasy’ dream world – because it is all an illusion; for God’s thinking and people’s thinking bears no similarities, for God created us to praise him, and give him all the glory, and after that comes the promised deliverance from Him alone. Amen.

Even as a child in the Caribbean, (I left the island at eight years) I witnessed a ‘parasitic’ cantankerous neighbour, who would be waiting for my hardworking kind gentle grandmother to return from her gardening plots [after an early morning ‘as soon as the cockerel crow’ start, accompanied by my brother and I - on Fridays] very tired, mouthing about her having nothing to cook - as soon as Gran opened her bag, she would ask her to come an get something - then silence. I witnessed a distant relative, arriving along our village path, sitting outside the kitchen, cutlass in hand, at around 4 in the afternoon, with Gran saying to her, you better go quickly to the garden before it get dark, and her remarks, ‘oh I am only just going to cut a banana’. She would walk up the road, and return stating it was getting too dark, Gran would tell her to take some provisions, and then she would scamper off back to her village – she was lazy, with one aim: grab and run! A friend email, had to travel to a small island to bring her elderly mother back to London, because family members wanted to be paid to look after her, and the social carer was rude, my friend email stated i heard the way she was speaking to my mother, whilst I was waiting on the phone and I was not having it! So that is that part of the global change, and if it is how sound is its morality for setting the captives free?

So Observer is absolutely correct, for no-one wants to hear the truth, because they do not want to be set free from their captivity or captivities. But I will not look a gift horse in the mouth, I will take my gift. Amen. Hallelujah!

Father God, it is written, that all men are like grass….the grass withers and the flowers fall because the breath of the Lord blows on them…but the Word of God remains for ever. I thank and praise you that my Grandmother is safe with you and well away from those who took advantage of her kindness. Lord have mercy on us, in Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

"How many of you, want to see your kids looking neat and nice, educated, nice job, nice family, good manners and doing well and god fearing? I am sure all of you ha ha. then maybe you are a conservatives lol which does not make you a republican."

Point well taken, Observer, but aren't you implying that you would have to be a non-Democrat to want those things for your children? Then you can argue that all Americans with children are non-Democrats and are first and foremost conservatives based on your premise. Tell me which parent, Democrat or Republican never mind how poor or wealthy they are, wouldn't want their child/ren to grow up with those values that you outlined? May I remind you that those of us who grew up in Gouyave, Grenada or the West Indies are not the exclusive purveyors of those values. My good man, I've yet to meet a parent who doesn't want the very best for their children regardless of political affiliation. That's why I'm so exceedingly proud of my own four, as well as my grands who seem to be well on their way to doing the same!!!!

But let's face it, this is America with two major parties. If you are going to exercise your civic duty as I presume you usually do, you are literally stuck between the Democratic or the Republican party like the proverbial saying goes. That is unless you want to be a maverick and vote for none-of-the-above since as far as I know, there isn't an official Conservative party.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post I do yearn for a third or a fourth or a fifth or whatever number party that would reflect the things that matter to me, and to you too as it is turning out to be. In its absence I am left to choose the party whose values do show a basic respect to me and all people as human beings regardless of color or whichever other distinction. I also believe that no one man is an island, and we all at one time or another will need a little help from a friend. So very few of us can ever make it alone all by ourselves!! Our Gouyave was filled with those people who though having very little of their own, nevertheless extended their hand to help in whichever way they could one way or the other. I am testifying to that because of my own personal experience! A million thanks to them again.
Given those two basic requirements, the Republican party in my opinion, has fallen short and continue to fail as they have continually made it appear that it would be an insult to the office of the presidency if
my American-born Black grandson would one day ascend to the highest office of this land.

Let the Republicans start by showing that basic respect to President Obama as they have done to all other presidents before him. Once this is done, they could tear him to pieces for his policies for all I care. But to hear the Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks tearing him apart by using his color as a weapon is an affront not only to him, but to all Black men and women period! The sad and unfortunate part of it is that there is a continual deafening silence emanating from the halls of the Republican Party. That's why I can never even consider being in the same party that welcomes the likes of that type of racism even though some of the Republican policies really do make sense to me.

So even though I am included in your definition of conservatism, I cannot agree that I should dismiss the Democratic party when the current alternative is the Republican. Of course I do have a choice of not voting at all, but remember that I for one, do feel compelled to always exercise my civic duty by going to the polls to vote. That Barack Hussein Obama is our American president for two consecutive terms, does show that my vote for the Democratic candidate was not in vain after all!! Who knows? My 15-month old grandson may well follow in his footsteps some day as a Democrat or even a Republican(lol)! That is the REAL meaning of Obama's presidency.

Hey Observer, let's always remember that before we became Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives or whatever in America, we are first and foremost Gouyave people most of whom are Black.

I bid you a restful night.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Tony whether republican or democrat, if the candidate beliefs are not close to some of the things i believe in, he will never get my vote, not even my son would get my vote if his views are not on par with mine. As for Obama not getting respect form republicans, the sitting president always catch hell from the opposition party,that's the nature of politics. I saw a guy throw a shoe at George bush and it was the biggest joke all over the world lol George just ducked and keep on giggling lol

Imagine if a guy throw a shows at Obama, what do you think will happen?

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

>>I saw a guy throw a shoe at George bush and it was the biggest joke all over the world lol George just ducked and keep on giggling lol<<

Did an American do that in America? Did an American congressman ever tell any president before Obama that he was lying while he was delivering his state of the union speech?
Come on Observer, you know better than that.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Insurance> Life insurance (supposed) to be guaranteed to family member or members when someone dies. Health Insurance (supposed) to be for sickness. Social Security Insurance (supposed) to be guaranteed when you reach age 62 or more unless you are qualified for Social Security disability at any age. Unemployment Insurance (deducted from your paychecks) weekly or biweekly. What is the ignorance about people getting unemployment benefits. They paid for that service. I paid for all of the above. If someone paid unemployment insurance he/she should be entitled to benefits.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Merle if you don't work, you cannot draw unemployment, so i don,t look at unemployment as welfare. You are right these are taxes that were taken from you, just as social security, because you paid into, when you are working you also paid int medicaid, these are things you paid into, so at least you should be able to get something back. I have no problem with that. My problem, is the millions and millions of people who have not worked for years and years, and who don't want to work, and they have kids, and the kids are on it and the kids,kids are on it, and the cycle just continues. These people, rent are being paid, utilities, they get a card with cash and now the have a free cell phone. And i have to go to work everyday to support that?

Of the 65 million people on welfare, maybe about ten million of them are genuinely looking for work. And this include all races, the Jews do not even have to go to the welfare office, by the time they get into this country they are on welfare, the Russians, as soon as the get here they are on welfare. And then they taxing the hell out of people that working, to take care of them. How fair is that? I have people that tell me the will never work for ten dollars an hour,they can do better staying home. There was no welfare in the Caribbean when i was growing up, you had to go out there and work for what you want, and we all made it.

Even social security, people always talk about the paid into it. Lets take a case scenario, and ordinary man work for about 30 years and paid into social security during those year, he pays about 600 hundred into social security every month, which is on the high side, so at the end of the year he pays about 7000 thousand dollars times 30 is about 200 thousand during his working wears . He retires at 62 and lives to be about eighty, because people are living longer these days, and has a monthly social security check for about 1500 per month. So he is drawing about 18 thousand a year, after just 20 years on social security, he would withdraw 360 thousand dollars. And if he goes on to be live well into his ninties then you do the math. The point is even social security we get a lot more than we put in , unless we die early. I have no problem that if people work hard that they should not get something back, my problem is the irresponsible people that never worked and refuse to work is is well taken care off and are been encourage not to work.