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Re: I support you 100 percent botswain

This is one of the times when I'm absolutely surprised that a small island isn't following the US,and certain policies they implemented. For that, I took my hat off, and sincerely applaud the Minister for the stance he took on legalizing marijuana. Well done, sir!

Marajuana is as dangerous as dangerous can be. But it's not seen that way,by mist users of it. There are more toxins in marijuana than cigarettes, and it leads you on to harder durgs. We all know that using drugs isn't a way to get to Heaven; it's a way of killing yourself! But, for medical purposes, some states in America made marijuana legal. Some states even made recreational use of marijuana legal. For me, that's a powerful bad example to set, some people will abuse the law, and use marijuana all the time. Some folks can handle the smoking of marijuana, while some can't handle it. In any case, marijuana is a foreign substance to the human body, and has the full potential to do the same damage to every one who uses it.

I've read a story a long time ago from India that stated how marijuana is used in the temples, when people are praying there. The marijuana was burnt as an incense, to bring on a more meditated state of mind to those who were at the temples praying. It was a forbidden thing to smoke marijuana in the temples, because it got you high to the point where you couldn't focus on the intentions for your people prayers. But, life and customs are different in this part of the world.

In the Western parts of the world, marijuana is taken as a lesser charge, in terms of how detrimental it is,.especially among the ten, eleven, twelve, etcetera, year old. Any country that legalized, or plans to legalize marijuana, have to think about the pre-teen, and the teenagers who can easily turn into dope freaks, because of easy access to pot (marijuana). Alcohol has already destroyed relationships that were healthy, sleepless nights, people are driven to crimes by it, friendships broken, and even suicide. Society needs to heal itself from all the above instead of opening people's lives to more trouble, than they can ever deal with.

All the same, you can't stop people from smoking cannabis (marijuana), if that'stheir iintention. A matter of actuality, once marijuana is within the reach of some individuals, they'll go ahead and smoke it. So, how do we get rid of marijuana, is a question that probably has no answer to it. But legalizing it is surely a way to to stay away from. Because, ultimately, it can do more harm than good.

The Minister, Hon. Botswain has made a move on the issue of legalizing marijuana in Grenada, in the right direction. I like that!