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Weather you like it or not !!

Over the winter months Britain has been inundated with rain. Not an unusual occurrence for Britain, you might opine. But I can assure you that this winter all rainfall records in Britain have been broken.

The southern counties, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and especially Somerset have had solid rain every day for about 2 months, and I feel confident that the 40, days 40 nights record has been broken too. I am sure I saw a man, surrounded by a variety of animals, building a very large wooden boat indeed. Better safe than sorry I thought.

Thousands of people have had to flee their waterlogged homes. Farmers have been forced to transport their livestock to safety and abandon their farms, and Government Ministers are regularly seem sporting water boots and wandering around the countryside to demonstrate solidarity with those who have had to seek refuge on higher ground.

Britain's two largest rivers, the Thames and the Severn have flooded spectacularly into their respective flood-plains. Of course, these flood-plains have had domestic accommodation built on them over the last 100 years or so, with scant regard for the risk these buildings represented.

Now, Global Warming groups are saying that Global Warming is the reason for the unusual precipitation.
Others say it is a normal weather pattern and these odd pattern can occur over long periods of time.
Still others say it is a sign that the end of the world is drawing nigh...repent ye who are wicked!!

Me, I have headed for the relative safety of Huddersfield...if I am a indeed about to meet my maker I will do so happily with my triplets grandchildren and among the Kayaks who live here in the green and pleasant hills of Huddersfield.

Weather you like it or not : Weather the storm before the storm weather you!

Dear Mangodog

Many thanks for your Poem: Ballad.... which seem to have kept you ultimately busy during your outlined bad 'winter storm' weather in the UK post - remember, the weather use to be the main topic of conversation in the UK, before, package flights to 'paradise style' islands/places, herald and advent preferences for tropical temperatures conversations.

Anyway keep safe, and keep writing..... Boo Sang K, seems to be an authentic name for your character - I was not sure why Boo Sang K was not fed with mangoes....

Holy Father, the wind and sea obeyed your command, help and take pity on all peoples who are coping with unseasonal weather conditions, in Jesus' Name Amen.