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festivititis, obsessititis, dressagetitis : the new 'detachable' mournful cures?

Most people have created and set up their own ethical and moral frameworks as how they want to live, behave and dress in their society. The deep fragmentation of community life disturbed further by peoples psychological and sociological changes, in religious behaviour, mannerisms, and the re-modelling of personal or social expectations based on personal 'pie in the sky' ideology or ideologies. The Word of God tells us explicitly to choose life not death. So why are people basking in the ‘shadow of death’ festivities or obsessiveness,(or the suffering from [my own copyright concepts] of funeral 'festivititis' or 'obsessititis' or dressagetitis for which overall there is no cure except a community ban!); instead of seeking the promised life abundant – but then the work of the devil is to bring darkness, gloom and doom, and the Name of Jesus cancels that out.Amen. Full stop. The Word tells us about the second death in the fire that never goes out – not sure if refreshments will be served or the dress code requirements? So let us fixed our eyes on the heavenly things and not on the earthly things, for we are reminded that even a biblical king was not dressed as splendidly as the lily of the field. The Word of God states, 'who told you that you were naked'.

So, I throw an ethical question into the forum arena - who is properly dressed for whatever occasion? For every nation will beg to differ!

Taking a moral stance, I am quite surprise as most of the responses from the male post authors, who may have daughters, granddaughters, sisters, wives, partners etc, made no meaningful relevant comments about appropriate dress in regard to their own family expectations. My father aged in his early nineties, take great pride in accompanying his daughters or sons to any function knowing that they will be a pleasing sight in the eyes of fellow guests bringing a sense of pride and joy in his old age. Thus, is it because some of the male post authors have minimal dress expectations from their female household members? Whether people are appropriately or inappropriately dressed in the eyes of the beholder, this ‘seeming darkness’ does not obscure the light.

As a crown colony of Grenada child, I do not recall any family participation in funeral arrangements, if someone died in the morning, by the returning of school time in the afternoon, they were buried on their land. I do not recall any feasting, it was a mournful time for the family concern and respect was shown, by villagers bringing some of their gardening produce to their house, because the family would not go to their gardens for a couple of weeks due to their loss.

My mother, bless her, attended many fellow Caribbean folks funerals during the latter part of her life. She also visited many who were sick, as part of her church community acts. If some of the people did not know her, then they knew her Mother, or her Aunts etc. So, one can say there was some form of inter-island connection. She never attended a funeral empty handed – also quick to bake a variety of cakes, bakes, saltfish fritters, roti, sandwiches, fried chicken pieces. Once home she would telephone, informing relatives about how the service was conducted and how her contributions were appreciated by the family of the deceased. Of course, her all black funeral attire would be complimented by one of her black hats.

If you are attending a funeral,whether you are male or female know you place, show respect by keeping a low profile,if you are not officially invited or just accompanying a friend, take something with you, even if it is a sympathy card, if you feel out of place find the exit door and go away, say thank you for the lovely food, do something, for example, stay behind and help with the clearing up. The Good Lord, knows every reason for peoples' attendance, especially those who are in need of an extra meal to eat there and then or take surplus foods home (despite having loads of food in their house and their cooked dinner waiting!), not excluding participants who are obsessive (even critical) with the funeral festivities ranging from church, burial ground, to refreshments.

Holy Father, your Word tells us to detach ourselves from the world, from heaven you see the actions of all peoples and nations, send down the Holy Spirit to remind us that there is a time for everything, a time to attend funerals and a time to refrain, as we remember your beloved Son who took three days before journeying to the grave of His beloved friend Lazarus. Almighty God, as we celebrate the passing of loved ones or community members let us bear in mind, Your preparation of the finest foods and finest wines awaiting your chosen ones on your Holy Mountain and above all dear God save us from the second death, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Re: festivititis, obsessititis, dressagetitis : the new 'detachable' mournful cures?


You doh playing could pray nuh and how you could use big words so?
Here is my Shilling:

Liberty and personal freedom is a human entitlement.
Here is the thing : it cut both ways.
Think of some countries in the Middle East where there are religious extremists who will give up their lives for what they believe and who fight to have the practice of what WE in the WEST describe as extremism enshrine in the law of their land; women are not allowed to have any part of their body exposed ( except for their eyes and hands and maybe feet )in public; they are against education of women; and guess what , many of the young men and women of the WEST have fought and given up their lives for the liberation of 'the oppressed' in those regions.
Could you imagine if these 'oppressed women' come to our shores and we start dictating to them how they should dress, how much they should not expose etc. We will be confusing the women.

The bottom line: with freedom comes the right ( whether you or tante Merle or brother X,Y, Z or sister A, B, C, and did I forget the Lady Who Could Pray For So) like it.
Go tell the indigenous people in the Amazon regions to cover up.

And while we are at it, no one should assume that I like what I see either.
There are a lot of things that I don't like, things that are not my personal preferences but say what, where do we draw the line, who is allowed to draw the line, whose culture or sub culture should predominate.
Think of the recent changes in laws in multiple states in the USA regarding marriage, I even heard that facebook is also acting ' outside of the box' ( like in thinking outside the box) and having all kind of gender designation, we are having a alphabetical soup of gender designation.

I even saw a transgender on CNN the other day who was born a 'boy' with all the accompanying appliances to boot who has undergone sex change and is now a ' woman'.
'She' refuses to be referred to as having being a ' boy' or a 'male' when she was born.
And she was ****** ( don't ask me how she did it) at Pier Morgan- the poor man was confused as he is actually supportive of the LGBT/etc, etc community.
In Some countries, men are allowed to have more than one wives, some of them have, 3,4, 5 and 6 or more wives- that is 'legal' in their country but not in the West.

I have heard it been said before that when the fox could not get the grapes he said that the grapes were sour.
Some people undergo body altering operations to lose weight etc just so that they can wear these minimal clothings.
Hey relax.
Lets see how we can make Grenada and the world a better place.
It is rather interesting that no one responded to the comment about Quid pro Quo.
But like a lot of things in life, gossip sells and is entertaining.
There is a time for everything.
Hopefully, at some time , we will address the issue of Grenada's true independence and how we can become less dependent on others.