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It was a wonderful day.

It was a wonderful day.

It was a wonderful day. I got up since four thirty in the morning and sat on a chair in the verandah of a house overlooking the Carenage. The rain that usually fell at night chose not to fall on that particular night. There was a cool breeze blowing and it felt so refreshing. I was at peace with myself. In the distance, I made out the shadow of the Rhum Runner boat. Silence reigned on that boat, a far cry from the loud music that emanated from it the night before when party lovers embraced the opportunity for a musical night cruise.

I sat there and thought of the boat ride to Hog Island that we planned for the day. My last visit to Hog Island was in 2012 and it brought me deep fulfillment. I did not foresee that I was going to return there so soon. I remembered the sand crabs I saw there on that visit. My Brother Carl was impressed by their agility and the huge claws we called the gundy. The picture man that I was and still is, (I will take a picture of an ant nest) I could not resist the urge to snap pictures of the crabs.

Back then, the water had such a compelling pull and Charlie, another Brother, found happiness diving and splashing. He caught a small silver fish with his bare hands and I marveled. He even succeeded in frightening relatives and friends when he dived and came up with a gruesome looking creature we called a Sea *** Kus. It is otherwise known as a Sea Cucumber. Not too many people remained in the water when he showed them his Sea *** kus. But that was 2012.

We arrived at the sea side in Woburn around noon and I was immediately fascinated by the view. Woburn has a special place in my heart and throughout the years, I was able to cement relationships with wonderful people who hailed from that area. I recalled looking at the white sea eggs, their spikes protruding and waving on the sea floor. I thought of the fishermen and divers who risked their lives to capture fish that gratified the palates of so many Grenadians. I wondered what delightful moments was in store for us.

I did not have to wonder for long. Soon we were on a boat that hummed softly as it made its way across the water to the Island. The view was a spectacle to behold. I spotted Calivgny Island and its white sand glittering in the sunlight . We passed yachts that danced peacefully on the slightly rippled water. I was far away from the bustle and noise of the concrete jungle and I loved it. I smiled in contentment as the fresh sea breeze lashed my face. I dipped my hand in the sea water and tasted it. I was making a connection with mother nature. I likened myself to an Indian walking the North American plains and touching nature and finding oneness with it. The boat reached its destination and I glanced on the shore and realized that something special was about to happen.

We were just in time to witness a wedding ceremony on the beach. It was the first time I witnessed that.

I want to pause here to mention something special about our Grenadian people. Despite negative uttering, there is a warmth that is captivating. It wraps people from the Spice Island and cloaks them with oneness. The bride, groom and the bridal party did not know us but they chatted with us and invited us to the wedding. It was a day when the oildown we cooked on the beach had a marriage with wedding cake and champagne.

But there was more to enjoy. Winky, my friend from Belmont was busy cooking a pot of lambie broth. He saw me and called out to me. I smiled when he called me a culture man. Culture was indeed the correct word that day for the wedding had quite a bit to remind us of our tradition. There were drummers and costumed individuals and a musical band that transported us back to the days of Black Experience band , Rhythm Riders and Harmony with Brass. It belted out tunes that propelled hips to wine.

I had no time to look for the crabs with their huge gundies that day. Wedding are so special and there were moments that stamped smiles on the faces present. A friend of ours even cried. A fascinating moment came when the groom in a hasty effort to get the ball rolling, attempted to kiss the bride and the officiating pastor had to tell him hold on for a while. But then the kiss came and indeed it was a kiss.

Before we left the Island, I approached the groom and I took his e-mail and I told him I will send him the pictures I took of the ceremony. He gave me his e-mail and I have already sent him pictures. I also asked him for permission to share a few of the pictures with my Facebook friends and he gladly consented. His words:

“Thanks so much for sending the pictures. We have no objections to you placing them on your Facebook account. Glad you enjoyed the ceremony it was a lovely sunny day and we managed to avoid the rain so everything worked out well for us. Take care and thanks again all the best.”

Thank You Ed. Your wedding was special I wish you and your wife God