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Grenada documents online : Personal genealogy 'Fedon' connections from Lanse la Gouyave records!

Browsing through some of the historical documents on line, I believe, that maybe on my father’s mother side of the family we maybe related to one of (Julien) Fedon family, somewhere along the line. How very exciting! My father’s mother was born on the island of Guadeloupe and returned with my father’s father (my grandfather), when he went to work in the sugar cane fields and returned to Grenada with his new wife. My grandmother on my mother side, told us, that she died in childbirth,only spoke patois, very goodlooking with long black hair. I will continue my genealogical investigation over a period of time. At this time, I will keep any ‘revolt’ blood tendency at bay whilst I keep searching for more info, I will have to check the French Island birth records as well.

The documents for birth, marriage and deaths, were meticulously recorded by the Cure [Curate] de Gouyave, Father Huguer, during his priestly ministry in the parish of St Pierre de Lanse la Gouyave. He baptised some of the Fedon babies, including a boy Jean Etienne Fedon, illegitimate. For example, the birth records, gives the name of child, sex, details of legitimacy, or illegitimacy, description of mulato or mulatess, age at baptism all seems to range from a few weeks to three months (from what I have read so far); the marriage states the publication of the bans, names of espouse, the full roman catholic marriage service, including Le Benediction. The death records gives name, the cause of death seems to be just documented as, ‘les malades’, age and cimetere.

Some of the lovely sounding names on the register were all French: Vintout, Goulard, Galvey, Mandillon, etc etc.

All I can say, is I pray and hope that Father Huguer is safely in the hands of God, a wonderful scribe of a disciple. Amen.