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Lady G, You Can't Play Mass and Fraid Powder

Lady G,

This colloquial axiom "you can't play mass and fraid powder" is meant to identify those who position themselves as instigator or provocateur, causing others to act or react (in this case ) to an idea without taking any position on the subject. It runs congruent to that of "the devil's advocate" which we all can play at times while sitting back to enjoy the reactions of others and on point of confession, I too stand guilty as charged.

But I am reminded of yet another axiom summizing that one's worth in a conversation is determined by the contribution of their "pound of salt"; an attainable measure I am sure you will have no problems whatsoever maintaining. However, in the interest of contributing some more deeper insight to your topics, it may be necessary at times for you to "commit the sins of elaboration" in defense of your position and maintain some semblance of honesty to the conversations while allowing the chips to lay where they fall.

As an admirer of your writing style and intellect (now that you know) I am appealing to you for some more engagement because I believe there is always room for a learning moment for all of us.

What say you?

VJ Louison