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Life is like that.

Life is like that.

I have met people who are worried about their future. They have a right to be worried because of their past. But once there is life, one can change for God allows U turns.

You sit quietly in your home and the phone rings. It is a voice you knew but have not heard in donkey years (a long time). The person begins to inquire with a nice “caring” voice about your welfare. He or she wants to know if everything is OK, when last you saw those friends you used to know at school etc. At the back of your mind, if there is such a spot, you are wondering what is the real reason the infrequent caller calls. The answer comes just as you are about to tell the person that someone is at the door and you have to leave. Hold tight, it is someone’s number the person really wants to get from you but it takes a while to “sweeten you up” with ole talk before the question pops up.

You are in a long line at the bank and wondering if you will get through to be in time for an appointment you must keep. Suddenly, a man who was standing behind you goes up the teller. You wonder what is happening. You see the man smile and strike up a lively conversation with the teller. What you do not know is the fact that both of them sat in the same class in school years before, so it is “later for you”.

A politician is shaking your hand in a crowded room. You notice that while he is doing so his eyes keep roaming around the entire room. He is looking to see if there is someone he believes is important than you. When he sees that person, he is gone in a flash. So it is “bye bye Blakey” for you.

You sit in the class and you are hoping that the teacher does not call on you to answer a question. You did not study the homework. But then, something tells you that it will happen. Just as the thought comes into your head, the teacher calls your name. Did you will it?

You are about to call a friend in Florida and just as you about to do so, the friend calls you. Again is it the mind at work?

You are in a room filled with people who are engaged in lively chat. Someone walks in and the entire mood is changed. Everyone becomes quiet and a few leave immediately. What aura did that person bring into the room that causes the atmosphere to change?

Someone treated you real badly. You swear to yourself that you will get even whenever you meet that person. But then you meet the individual and all the ill feeling you had vanished and instead, you greet that person pleasantly. Do you really know yourself or how you will react?

You wonder how in God’s name an individual got an honor that was clearly not deserved. Don’t loose sleep over that, much of what happen in life is what we call a “friend, friend thing” and if you are not part of the circle you could be good as gold but you will not get the recognition you deserve.

Now if you will big money in the lotto everybody loves you
-------ooops! The money, yes the money mostly.

You fall on hard times and a stranger gives you a “pull out” of the difficulty while the ones you thought were close run away. You learn a lesson: An empty pocket chases people away.

You wake up this morning and you have a feeling that this will not be a good day for you. Dismiss that thought right away! Be positive, be strong, be prayerful, exercise faith and rid yourself of negative energy. It is a new day and by God’s grace, blessings will descend on you today.
Have a peaceful day
Anthony Wendell DeRiggs