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Slavery compensation 2014 meeting : on the isle of St Vincent, 'the land of the blessed' ,

First and foremost, the majority of the slaves coming from the Bight of Bonny, in West Africa came from a royal dynasty - some of the slaves would be of royal status, intelligent, gifted and talented, with their own servants and not just a ‘blackskinned’ person. Personally speaking, I could have been robbed of my royal tribal status. Spiritually and emotionally, I am so happy to express my full support - that the Caribbean leaders have finally decided to meet on 10 March 2014, to discuss and challenge compensation claims on the evils of European countries participants and their part as slaveowners or better still, I will use the biblical name ‘slavedrivers’who seek and plundered the islands, as a place to amassed their great fortune from their concept ‘green gold’ from the sugar cane plant being processed to muscavado sugar, rum courtesy of the slaves and not excluding cotton picking to move into higher societal life with no regard for the slaves as fellow human beings or the long term vision for the islands wellbeing.

The slaves were subjected to the evil spirits operating within the slavedrivers, cruelty, humiliation, unrepented treatment from being bound, chained and shipped as cargo, for buying and selling on different islands, and after impregnating female slaves, they contributed the evils further by their selective ‘colour of skin’ behaviour in still suppressing the blacks, which is still visible in society today, with unashamingly, so-called black people still suppressing black people on skin colour and facial features. The slavedrivers’ wealth (thousands of pounds) was taken back to Europe and none of their wealth was reinvested on any of the islands. The slavedrivers, such as Scottish Alexander Campbell, literally ‘owned’ the islands with different plantation estates, as more departed ruthless wealth seekers departed from European shores,even medical doctors, even prisoners, to seek more amassed wealth from sugar and cotton wool.

Slaves were not given a properly burial; they were simply shovel into unconsecrated ground out of sight, dead ‘cargo slaves’ were just thrown overboard ships. There were incidents such as slaves falling into hot boiling molasses, slaves being crushed to death, runaway slaves,if caught may be whipped or have a leg or arm cut off, journeys to different islands until all slaves were sold. That is just a few worms creeping out of the slavery can of attrocities by slavedrivers driven not by a spirit of compassion but by spirits of greed, malice and worthlessness, who were not even fit to undo the sandals of the enslaved black skinned men, women and blessed enslaved black boys and girls.

Father God, your word says that a thousand years is like a day in your sight. Every country and island belongs to you, you chose Moses to set the Israelites free from their slavedrivers, and on departing Egypt they plundered the people taking their gold and silver. I praise and thank you for the men who stood up for the freedom of the enslaved people who you created in your own image and likeness, Lord even though they were emancipated, after emancipation under an apprentice scheme they were forced to work on the plantations. So Lord I bring this meeting on the island of St Vincent before you, asking you to intervene for the Caribbean leaders, in putting forward this compensation claim, as the islands are today suffering from economic financial hardships, whilst the slavedrivers amassed more wealth from their government to compensate them for the loss of their slaves after emancipation. Lord thy will be done. We pray also for the West African coast that was robbed off their people, robbed from their true identity and given new names which has flowed down the island’s generation, tribes and village ancestry completely wiped out, family separation, in Jesus Name, I pray, to the one an only true Judge of all men. Amen. For those keeping the Lenten fast, let us offer up our fast for our ancestors enslaved suffering, they would expect us to remember them on these Caribbean isles. Amen and maybe that's when our blessings will start to flow from the throne of grace...Amen and Alleluia.

Re: Slavery compensation 2014 meeting : on St Vincent, 'the land of the blessed' ,

Not only did God choose Moses to lead the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, we must also be reminded that the Israelites never ever accepted the basic tenets of what the Egyptians held as sacred. By that I mean the children of Israel refused to accept their master's religion and in fact gave their own definition to their existence which helped to strengthen their resolve to be free. In essence they were telling Pharaoh that they had no intention to be a part in any shape or form of the Egyptian concept of life, and never would they be. While they were SLAVES IN BODY, THEY WERE FREE IN MIND!! That's why it is virtually impossible for one to ever find a Jew today conforming to Egyptian concepts of religion. They made sure that when they broke away from Egypt they had no ties, in whichever form, with their former masters. Not their names, not their way of life, and certainly not their understanding of the spiritual world, that is, their religion.

Sometimes I wonder if that is not where the problem of our people's "so-called" emancipation lies. How could we be really free of our former masters environment when we continue to accept, believe and defend the slave-owners' religion as if it was ours from the start? Wouldn't it have been unthinkable and laughable if you please to hear the Israelites PRAYING to Amen-Ra to lead them to freedom? If they didn't have an existing religion of their own, I'll bet that they would have CREATED one rather than ACCEPT Pharaoh's religion.
How could we differentiate ourselves from him when our men and women do everything we possible can to resemble him? Any wonder why they have now gone to the length of making little girl's dolls with Black color? As much as we can we are desperately trying and want to be the Black version of our masters!
Yes, some of us have even gone to the extreme of changing our God-given color, while some try as much as we can to get close enough to him in shades of Black and White, and discriminate over it.
And oh yes, how could we be differentiating ourselves when we don't even know our very own names and are forced to adopt and defend names like DeCoteau, Jourdaine, Louison, Wright, Lewis, DeRiggs and so on?

Let's therefore hope that the Slavery Compensation that the Black nations are now seeking is one of the many steps that will lead to our eventual Emancipation from bondage. It's a hard journey that lies ahead of us, but that road might very well be the only one to take to reach the Promise land that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about.

Just me thinking out loudly.

Re: Slavery compensation 2014 meeting : on St Vincent, 'the land of the blessed' ,

well said Mr. DeCoteau.
We need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.
The sad thing is that while our ancestors fought so hard to free themselves from slavery, we are voluntarily and consensually enslaving ourselves.