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Support Slavery Compensation : I want Slavery Compensation for my ancestors suffering! NOW !NOW !NOW

Support the Caribbean Leaders in St Vincent - I want compensation, I want compensation for my ancestors suffering in the cane fields, cutting cane, processing molasses and muscavado sugar and rum AND PICKING COTTON - lack of natural national identity and ethnicity, conditioning patriotism, allocation of surnames! NOW! NOW! NOW!

I want Compensation,for my ancestors enslaved on all the islands - to work without payment so slavedrivers were able to amassed great wealth! NOW! NOW! NOW!

I want compensation for my ancestors! enslaved on all the islands! NOW NOW NOW

Give the Caribbean islands their compensation for slavery, NOW, NOW, NOW,NOW NOW NOW.

NO MORE EXCUSES, and pushing the slavery time period under the carpet, I WANT COMPENSATION for my Ancestors (RIP) NOW! NOW! NOW!