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Slavery Compensation claims: the islands have ‘Wil-ber-force’ open the cans of slavery worms!

From a personal note, Monday 10 March 2014, is now one of the most happy days of this progressing New Year, a day when all the ancestors who laboured on these isles were probably dancing around the throne of grace, as the Father of True Justice, the one and only True Judge of all mankind, have in his great mercy started the reordering of the interisland dire past ‘slavery circumstances’ from disorder to order, and I believe that no stones of this evil historical catastrophe of events will be left unturned – until the slavery history of facts becomes fuel for the fire – to set the downtrodden totally free to soar to new perpetual heights and pathways.

So folks may speak about this ‘ change’ concept and this ‘moving on’ concept,, but at the appointed time the Good Lord brings everything to remembrance, even to folks who show unwillingness or noncompliance to abandoning their narcissistic culture – for every person own day of reckoning is close at hand, and even I am willing to give pedagogical evidence on the ethical and moral impact of slavery on the islands and even further afield, from my own perspective to support this honourable action in giving evidence based on passed down family conversations.

From my perspective, it has been seemingly difficult for some Caribbean people, young and old, to identify and be dismissive of communal loyalty in their pursuit for happiness and respect during this fleeting earthly life with the psychological 'mental playback' of the 'docility' characteristics displayed by ancestor regarding for some the 'tail end' of slavery. Simultaneously, some people have opted for new beliefs and lifestyles, with successes and with failures, in their attempt to loosen any excess linkage with the islands past 'deep rooted hurts'of its slavery history. Thus, I feel that this 'Wil-ber-force' opening of this can of worms, may mentally be of beneficial value or an even well prescribed therepeutical boost as we continue throughout the months of 2014, and may play a vital role in underpinning the nations and its nationals ethically, as they continue their pursuit for their own happiness, interisland happiness and respect from within themselves and the wider global community.

The Word of God tells us that, God will make up (or repay) to us for the years that the swarming locust, the creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust has eaten. The Word continues….then My people will never be put to shame. So, with great hope, and hoping against hope, towards the One for whom nothing is impossible, I await the interisland repayment in whatever beneficial forms, hoping against hope, again, that a new respectful, prospering and honourable light will shine upon the Caribbean isles and its every growing peoples both at home and abroad.

I pray that the lawyers will be given the wisdom from above as they prepare for this interisland slavery claims which now rest in the shadow of the Almighty for right outcomes. Amen.