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Re: Fire : Gouyave

That's a great idea, but it doesn't stand much chance. People are sympathetic, but mostly in words alone. Besides, times are hard, and difficult to handle. Money is as scarce as work. A huge sum of cash from philanthropist, in the form of donations, is a think twice matter for them these days.Homeowners must take the 'expect the unexpected' at heart, and purchase Home Insurance Policies on their homes and all other properties that they own.

Homeowners, most of them usually take things for granted. They feel safe,.without thoroughly looking at what the future holds. Unless there's a fire, and their homes burnt down, they think that having an Insurance policy on their homes wasn't a vital part of owning a home. Their cry is always too late!

In the massive fire that took place in Shanty Town last Saturday, some of my in-laws lost their homes. My deceased brother, Kent (RIP), home was one of them, that burnt down flat to the ground. However, I sincerely extend my deepest sympathies to all those, who were affected by the fire that raged through Shanty Town. Lives were spared, and that was one of the most amazing things that came out of the whole thing! It's been an experience, and everyone should learn something new from it.

Re: Fire : Gouyave

HEY DNJ am sorry to learn some of your INLAWS has lost their HOMES,in the (SHANTY TOWN FIRE)BOARD houses are a source for fire,and INSURANCE company do not insure board houses,(IS that TRUE??)

Re: Fire : Gouyave

Thank you, Melo! Apart from my ex in-laws that lost their homes in the fire, my nephew also lost his. But, still, All Thanks and Praises be to God! It was His will; He never fails. Nor apologises to anyone!

Board houses are predominantly fire hazards. Insurance Companies may not sell insurance policies to cover them, because of the potential dangers that they pose. However, one MUST be careful with things like candles, kerosene lamps, and even electrical wires and devices, when living in a board house. Children, and even some grown people have to be careful with playing with matches.

It's not a joke at all, for some parents to leave a box of match in the reach of their young children. Children are innocent, and everything almost, is a sport for them. If only the children knew better, than what they perceived to be right or wrong, everybody's world would be better of, with children around them.

But, God knows. The world today is what it is. And, so, there are lessons to be learnt from everything that happens to us in this life.