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Edwards Street Fire : Gouyave

With great reluctance, I watched the posted photographs of the roaring, glowing, ball of fire against the dark tropical night sky to the aftermath of piles of burnt wood the next day with the coconut trees in the background. Thank you Arthur. I was also quite surprise to see the close proximity of the houses in Edwards Street. A natural hurricane I could understand and make some meaning, but a fire is left open to ample areas of speculations.

However, hats off and respect to the, as usual, professional efficient Grenadian fire service team to ensure safety of the Gouyave citizens and the extinguishing of the fire. Thank you.

Losing a home with or without insurance is a great devastating loss especially when everything is lost. – the wooden house is making a comeback, for even in some European cities wood is partly being used even externally in a few contemporary housing design. But I suppose where the houses are in close proximity of each other, like Edwards Street, concrete maybe a safer option for building purposes. The picturesque tropical wooden house is best where there is ample space around for growing vegetables, banana trees etc.

However, The Word of God tells us: that one of the Names for the Lord God Almighty is Restorer, by ways known only to God, I believe that by hook or by crook, He, the great I AM WHO I AM, will restore the fortunes to those who call upon Him in the day of trouble, for the poor man cried and the Lord heard him, as we continue to remember all those who have lost their homes, belongings and not excluding forum post authors, whose family are affected by the fire, or once lived in the area, in Jesus’ Name. Amen