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Wonderful News: A factory in St Marks

The factory in St Marks will be exporting to international markets soon. Wow This is the best news out of Greens for a long time. It is about time, Grenada develop their own factories and export like crazy. Generating income into the country is a plus.
I hope they are thinking about a vegetable factory. Bottle pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes and mangoes do something with the mangoes. Great news I am thrilled.

Re: Wonderful News: A factory in St Marks

That's wonderful for us in Grenada to manufacture and export,I remember as a child growing in River Road we had a factor where we manufacture our own pepper sauce, seasonings , etc which we export to other countries. This factory will generate income for its workers and they family plus it will help Grenades economy,


Re: Wonderful News: A factory in St Marks

Yep that I right. Money for all. The government has to get countries to buy. Grenada has too much wast land. Build factories. People need to go back to the land. Just like that Grenada economy can be booming and flourishing