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Bring back our Wooden buses: Gouyave Fire relief: Get ready to unwrap your J’ouvert!

a) I spotted on the wonderful WEEFM radio website, two bus accidents on Wednesday 12 March 2014,where some of the passengers were injured, with one driver having a broken leg, one bus accident occurred in Paddock, St Georges, and the other en route from Sauteurs to St Georges, accident occurred within Gouyave, a white Toyota bus collided with a wall and was ripped apart! An awful incident - Mercy Lord, on all those involved - As I cry out again, a lone voice in the wilderness, Bring back our gentle, rolling-along Wooden buses! A few years back, whilst on holiday in St Lucia, the bus driver was travelling at an alarming speed, I complained when disembarked from the bus, the driver told me, 'Lady we know the road,you get a nice breeze, enjoy your holiday', so a forum question: Do bus drivers really 'know the road' especially when passengers show or voice discomfort at high speed or totally 'chilled out' by the nice breeze?

b) With regard to the factory in St Marks’ – I have never been to this parish – I may need a 'chocolate' passport! It is the perfect factory for ‘chocoholics’ it is a chocolate factory and according to the WEEFM website the chocolate is called J’ouvert. Another one I hear you say! Alas, may the good and faithful Apostle of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, St Mark intercede for his parish-ioners, for successful outcomes on the global ‘chocolate’ market – opening on 20 March 2014! St Mark is the patron saint for lawyers, so the factory is under divine law! Sorry Apostle St Mark, but... I was just hoping to see Guava jelly, oh Good St John, so full of love intercede for me for more Guava trees. Another forum question, is chocolate the new wonderful global 'cocoa gold'?

c) With regard to the Gouyave Fire, a bank account has been set up for donations – my lovely and generous brother is on the island, basking in the sun for the past months on a long extended holiday have made a ‘family donation’. For more information, regarding the latest Gouyave fire relief news, visit the fantastic WEE FM Grenada radio website.

Re: Bring back our Wooden buses: Gouyave Fire relief: Get ready to unwrap your J’ouvert!

we should be encouraging seat belt use.
the wooden bus ma not be safer for multiple reasons:
- if no seat belts.
- you are exposed to the elements and is probable more likely to be thrown out of the open spaces on them.
- human behavior is human behaviour