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Yesterday I celebrated another birthday so this is an opportunity for me to take stock and reflect.
I have been fortunate, blessed even! I have 2 beautiful, intelligent, loving daughters who have produced 6 granddaughters 3 each. Both my parents are still alive. I am in reasonable health so I have much for which I can be thankful.

All is not green fields and flowers however, a close family member has been struck with the debilitating disease that is alzheimers. A condition that is unimaginatively difficult to experience. The slow but unstoppable progression of this disease chips away at the personality, character and humanity of the victim.

But, c’est la vie and things can always be worse. Having had a major health scare myself, I have learnt to value the love of family, good friends and the simple things in life.


Life's journey
is the train that never stops.
Passengers alight once, unaware.
Depart once, similarly.
The time between accurately chronicled
by years, numbered as stations
on the Life Line.
10, 20, 30, 40.
You want to stop.
you want to leave the train,

To view and understand
You want to interpret
you want to stay at each station,
You can't.
Station before, station behind,
you're hurled,
inexorably to the end of the line.
Then at station 80 you decide
Important is not the station
but the ride.


Happy belated birthday! Wish you many more!

Sorry to hear about the sickness that came down on your loved one. Hope the he or she will get through it, by medical help, or Divine Power. Life is indeed strange, but we've to endure what it throws at us. God is good. With him, all things are possible! We have the oopportunity to look to him in the darkest hours of our lives. He'll deliver us and let his Will be done.

I enjoyed the poem. It depicts the stages of one's life, and asked the question of why one should always take good care of his days on Planet Earth. No two ways about it.

Have a great day, and enjoy your new year!


Happy Birthday, Mangodog! Keep happy and appreciative of life in the face of that which steals so much from our loved ones!

Poem - true! Thanks for sharing. :-)