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ISRAEL, RUSSIA, AND AMERICA (the good, the bad, and the ugly) !!!

There's no doubt in my mind that some people will be profoundly unhappy with me for calling Israel, RRussia, and America the good, the bad, and the ugly. The only man that might hurry up and be on my side might be a famous 1970's movie star called, Lee Van Cliff. He might be able to read between the lines, without a second thought. Politics isn't the same as movies are, but there's a strong correlation between the two. However, I am exploring the troublemakers of the world today, through the political spectrum, that I see as the major ills of our societies.

I am not an expert on political affairs. But my observations are like those who have paid attention to it downtthroughout the years. I've summarized the backbone of the way politics is being operated, and concluded the it has no place, nor rights to be among us. Because it's not what we really need. In fact, politics seems to be moving us backwards, iinstead of moving us forward. Some people will be upset with that as well.

Why did I name Israel, Russia, and America the good, the bad, and the ugly? Because they're nothing than a bunch of lousy crooks! They are all on top of the list, fighting hard to gain first place all by themselves. But, still, their heads are in the same place, heading in the same direction. Israel and the Palestinians. Russia and Ukraine, and America and Her policing of the entire globe.

I need not go a greater distance, because we all know the whole story. After all, we've been hearing it for many decades. I can laugh out loud, becauseI know what it is.

TThe good, the bad, and the ugly, needs to examine carefully, what they are causing the world. It could be for their own good, and the more than the five billion people that know no lasting peace. Especially the Palestinians, under the spell of Israel, who's America's Agent in the Middle Eastern world.

Re: ISRAEL, RUSSIA, AND AMERICA (the good, the bad, and the ugly) !!!

DNJ, no one should be upset with you for your opinion. My concern is every time I hear people talk about politics within major countries especially war, it gets me to read more. These things have been going on since the bible days. I know that you are a very knowledgeable person. How many times war was mentioned in the bible? Years ago young men were drafted to go to war. Today men/women volunteer because they consider the military a job. Today if men/women don't want to get involve in military actions, they should not join. Keep up your good writing.

Re: ISRAEL, RUSSIA, AND AMERICA (the good, the bad, and the ugly) !!!

The many reasons why people fight wars is to produce the same results. No one has ever won a war, because it devastated the both sides. In bible days, war was more a religious fact. People fought wars, back then, as according to the Bilbe, as were sent to them by God, for the liberation of the oppressed. Those people that were taken in bondage were followers of God. He was taken by His word, and the people didn't care what measures He used to take them out of The House of Bondage. Today, war has a different twist; it's based on power, and money, a recognition of respect for elites and the so-called legacies. While the weak, the poor, and the hungry paid with their lives for the comfortable living of the same elites and their families.

Rightfully speaking, young men/women were drafted in an Army. Toady, they join an army at free will. And, if I can say it, it's all in the name of killing people. However, the promise of making a career in the army is an illusion that is hard to see through. At the end of the career, there's often huge regrets. Silently!

Technically speaking, no one ever lived to enjoy the fruits of his labor!

Still, I understand the function of wars. If wars are fought for gaining freedom, then let it be! For protecting things, like National Interest, etcetera, a diplomatic solution is always most suitable. But men are fierce and furious; they'll so anything to be powerful.

In any event, the world could do without wars. It doesn't need a war to survive. What it need is freedomfor one and all - a makeover - turn it upside down, give the world a makeover!

That'll be enough.

Thanks for the compliment!

Que tenga unas buenas noche! (Have a great night!)