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Attn DNJ: Pistorius

You may recall that we had a discussion last year regarding the Pistorius affair. Well the trial is now in progress and I wondered if you have been following what has transpired so far in the case and whether you have formed and opinion.
Have you changed your original views of his guilt or otherwise?

The prosecution's case has now been presented and the defence is now putting theirs. As I write Pistorius is in the witness box pleading his innocence.

I have to admit a fascination with this case but my views have not changed. Unless his defence team, (I hear he have some hot-shot forensic fellah from the USA on his team) brings some new evidence to bear my opinion will not change.

Re: Attn DNJ: Pistorius

Oscar kept breaking down on the witness stand, and I don't know why. He read a letter from Reeva, about their shaky relationship that proves more and more that Reeva wanted to get out of it. He felt rejected by the one he trusted, and grew into a jealous rage.

Everything Oscar told the court so far, is an "intricate lie." He even resorted to an unworkable air condition in his home that had him open up the windows in his home that day when he shot and killed his girlfriend. How foolish a man could be for not asking one to identify yourself, if vernability is present in his mind? Oscar did not try to find out any thing. He just shot through the bathroom's door, without knowing who was behind it. That was insane, in my opinion.

Remember, Oscar wasn't in prosthetic legs at the time when the incident occurred. How did he manage to make it all the way to the bathroom's door, with a gun in his hand? The answer is embedded between the fine lines. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I am waiting for a guilty verdict.