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Memories Of Michael

Today I was reading an article on the internet about an excon in Chicago. This man is 74 years old. He has spent all his adult life in prison. "Man said to be home sick for prison". He was released from prison. He couldn't cope with the outside life. His relatives did not accept him. (I don't blame them) He felt that the only place he was appreciated was in the jail. He went to a bank, gave a note to the teller. She gave him $4178.00. He went to a motel and waited for the cops because he wanted to go back (home) as he mentioned. The judge sentenced him to 3 1/2 years in jail. He also told the judge which jail he wanted to go to because that one had a better program. Anybody remember Michael Saportee. Michael used to work on the nets by the bay. He drank occasionally but not to be drunk every day. Every December Michael became a different person. He used to go down to the court house every Friday. He would start making noise and shouting "(Your Honor I Want To Go Home") The Magistrate would tell hime "Michael you have to commit a crime for you to go to jail" Michael would go to the police yard and let them have some "mother so and so" It was a joke for school children to see Michael waving from the police jeep because he was going home for Christmas. He used to be out by January and he was good for the rest of the year.

Re: Memories Of Michael

Yes, Merle. I remember that about Michael. He became stubborn in the place, just to go to Richmond Hill Prison for the Christmas seasons. He said that there were beef, and pork chicken,.and other kinds of meat in the prison to eat. Sometimes I used to think that Michael was as crazy as a bat. Because, as a little lad growing up in Gouyave, I was always fearful of the cops. Hence the reason why I didn't understand why a normal human being could be in love with going and spending time in prison for thesake of big time meat. But, Michael had a mind of his own,.and not a single living ssoul in Gouyave could've gotten him to change it. After Michael, this man from Chicago is the only other individual I've heard of,with a chronic mentality like Michael had.

Anyway, your article has great memories to it. The reflections of past times in Gouyave is truly a wonderful one to keep alive. Some of them were the little things that made us laugh, till our bellies were filled.

Re: Memories Of Michael

HEY MERLE good find,yes I remember MICHAEL saportee very well,RIP, I think one of his sons ceaton and others is still alive,not certain,we use to tease him as boys growing up in gouyave,i do remember his ploys to get back in prison cause that's was his way of life LOL,BUT never was an arrogant man,YES u have got this short story about MICHAEL SAPORTEE spot on LOL,Just imagine the experience we had as young people growing up in gouyave how fantastic, (PS AH GIVE U any bet now,THAT today u would never tell u neighbour man ah GOING to TOWN now and ah LEAVING me windows and Back Door Open look out for ME, Would any body trust to do that now?? ANY OFFERS?? LOL,LOL,