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Re: Will the promise of a better tomorrow ever become a reality.

ZAFAR man that's a BIG,BIG,BIG,question to answer,MAN are u living in grenada,if yes AS a voter, THEN U HAVE A BIG SAY, if u are not living in grenada and u have a POSTAL VOTE U still have a SAY,as some of us Grenadian do have DUAL Nationalty, depending on who and which party the masses choose to put in d driving seat they are d ones to take d country FORWARD NOT A STEP BACKWARDS, AND its no use Voting for a party to Govern Today and Tomorrow Saying They No GOOD,Politics just dosnt work that way,(SO ITS AGAIN DOWN TO D VOTERS NOT TO VOTE OR PUT D X WITH THEIR LEFT BIG TOE my take)

Re: Will the promise of a better tomorrow ever become a reality.

Let us rem mm ber, less we'll repeat the same dilemma time and time again. Yes, my dear friend,.a promise is a comfort to a fool. And, where politics is concerned, many people are ignorant to the facts of the real intentions of a politician.

We'll hear the nicest sets of words from a politician when the General Election time is close at hand. He usually promise to give you the world and more during his campaign. Sometimes his platform is so sweet sounding, that you have no reason to believe that he's not on your side. Then, you cast your vote for him.

At first, the politicians are the ones to run behind you, for the sake of getting your vote. Then,.the table turns around, after he got your vote, and you became the one who is running them. Funny it is that he found you when he was running after your vote. But, it becomes difficult for you to find him, after he settles down in office as President or as Prime Minister of the country. His true colors pops up for all to see, by which time he's like love; He's nowhere to be found.

ButI ddon'trreally blame the politicians for anything especially in breaking their promises. You see, finding a job is a scarce commodity (if I can use that word). Yet, those without a job, or who cannot find a job,.will give a politician a job, with excellent pay,to do. How insane, and much more that could be) Eh,.eh,ehhhh!!!!

A better tomorrow is not a fantasy, it has always been a reality. But one of the strains on it, is man and his greed.

My take, without prejudice.

Re: Will the promise of a better tomorrow ever become a reality.

I think we all know that the only power the voters have is to cast their votes on Election Day; that day been their only window of democracy; which is immediately shut after elections. After that, the masses are at the mercy of the government which assumes the role of a dictatorial monarchy for the 4 year term the people elect them for, and there is nothing the people can do to stop the ruling party from doing whatever they like, while their employers; the people, sit helplessly watching them make bad decisions and filling their pockets. At this point there is not much the voters can do about it until the next election.

Thanks for your input Mr. Joseph.
Your summation of politicians was excellent; In perfect order; exactly the way it is step by step, and everyone knows it, but they helplessly accept it as the order of the day.