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The fitness of a people to govern themselves.

The fitness of a people to govern themselves is not so much measured by the standard of their academic level, but mostly by the level of their moral standard , and by their readiness to sacrifice for the good of their country and all it citizens equally….Zafar

Sub-standard levels of morality among politicians and their satellites (the people who campaign for them.)
What is really wrong with the politic of Caribbean and the world at large is the lack of morality.
What we are trying to say here is; there is nothing wrong with politic in itself, the real crux of the matter is the immorality of the politicians of today and their close supporters. However the difference between Caribbean politic and the countries of the world, is that countries like America, there are always people watching over the politicians and public officials, and many a times they will investigate, file charges, bring them to trial, convict them and jail the guilty ones, while in the Caribbean the most that ever happen is that on a political platform someone will make an accusation and after the elections the story is forgotten. Can we count how many times we hear the political party on the outside of the government, shouting in the loudest voice that they will bring those corrupt members of government to justice when they get into power. But can anybody tell me, one such case where the party that took over brought someone from the last Government up on chargers and put them in Jail? The other obvious question is: why the winning parties never keep their promises and bring the crooks to trial? The simple answer is the party taking over the Government expect to do the same crimes, therefore there seems to exist an ongoing unspoken courtesy giving to every outgoing Government. In short; honor among thieves.
I doubt many will challenge this, as what have been said here is all self-evident, and on the other hand few would want to support it, as most have been condition to accept these trends as the norm in their politic world of today.