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Re: Domingo Munro of Gouyave died

For more than twenty fours years, I heard that Domingo had died.

I grew up in Domingo's Tailor Shop on Lower Depardine Street. I was one of his pupils. Together with me was Sydney, a son of Mush and Miss Ennis from the Central District in Gouyave, were eager young man that wanted to learn the trade. We did well, as aapprentics, moving away quickly from hemming trousers to sewing on the sowing machines. The peddling of the old Singer Machines were a complete workout for the feet.

Domingo was a strong man; he'd faith.in God. His slender frame gave him the personality of quietest tall man, who walked with his eyes on the path he was on. He'll greeted people with manners and, so, he'd gained the respects of everyone for himself in return.

A lot of men used to hang out with Domingo in his tailor shop, which was located on the ground floor in the building before the Market, to talk about everything. The discussions and laughter were like a cold wind, sweeping through a hot room! From that, Sydney and I took away some very interesting lessons, and used them up wisely.

For one thing, Domingo received hot lunches from home everyday. He wasn't a mean man; he shared his lunch with Sydney and I, if we were up to eating.

Domingo was right on point when he spoke. With some of the most influential words, he advised you seek the right results in life in general. But he had aa medical conditio,n that, aactuallydid not affect his performances at work.

I used to be scared to death, when he got sick, although he recovered shortly after, and again, looked like a fresh man, energetic, and continued sewing.

In that same building where Domingo's Tailor Shop was, the Spraying Gang had their warehous. With the chemicals just next door to Domingo Tailor Shop,.ccould have been a problem for him. Hiweher, I don't know the reason for the medical condition that he had. I loved been around him so much!

Domingo was a bright light in pitch darkness!

My sincere condolences to his family,.friends,.and relatives,

May Domingo soul Rest in Peace.

Re: Domingo Munro of Gouyave died

MY condolence and sympathy to domingo family and friends on his passing away,although I never learned tailoring with domingo,i use to sit in his tailor shop after finishing work in the TYRE RECAPPING station down street to listen to the big boys,aguments, RIP domingo.