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Guavas are healthy: is writing or reading a GoGouyave post good for one's 'superhealth' wellbeing

From my perspective, as a child growing up in Grenada, education was the central hallmark talk in practically every household. Every village took pride in the children, the 'academically bright' children were held in high esteem for the possibility of something 'futuristically good' coming from that particular village or parish. The head teacher was the one who informed and defined 'the bright child' to the parents, during my colonial education regime.

So after the colonial education, the Mother Country education (which was then the envy of the rest of the world, and to an extent still is - oh boy, Mother loves the idea of making other nations envious and loves her high pedestal position of par excellence in all fields. When the goings get tough, Mother shows no favouritism, in her times of needs, she looks to all her siblings, in particular colonial siblings to contribute to ensure that her pedestal position is intact.

So, what has the above got to do with the subject - nothing really, I just wrote what came into my thoughts, after writing the subject title - so, is forum posting good for one's well being - of course it is, writing comes in all forms and style, and one should take pride in their style be it simplistic or at times seemingly complex to converse their ideas, thoughts and issues of personal, social concerns.

Forum postings, may be beneficially in handling issues of concerns at the forefront of one's mind, after reading say a news article, or television news headlines, dealing with one's own children issues, medical conditions.

I like listening to the radio,(my colonial luxury in our woodenhouse, when the batteries were available) and enjoy hearing the professional from the top end of their professional spectrum discussing a variety of topics, for example, leading medical 'experts', lawyers etc, and I think, I am not able to participate in their 'live' discussions, but I can write a forum post on what I think about a subject from my perspective.

So, forum posting maybe beneficial towards one's health, maybe in the form of quiet contemplation or reflection of one's journey line - so, just as the tropical fragrant guava fruit is laden with health benefits, it may be an elegant way of conversing with others, and of course, and one have the option of reading and pondering with elegance, reading and responding with austerity or hostility, reading, exploring, interpreting and angling the contents to suit oneself.

So, keep writing.......enhance the 'global' GoGouyave spirit...