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Re: Moving on from Mutha


Coercing or influencing government to take action, even on issues as those you have proposed sometimes can be an exercise in futility. Gouyave is never short of ideas, particulatly those that impact the general populace. But government seems to be plagued with a mentality that does not get past their own political interest and would simply ignore anyone or anything that did not originate from their ministries.

Some of the issues affecting our parish can be traced back to decades and have been discussed ad nauseum on this and other forums. Our own personal group experience and those of others in dealing with them can at best be described as embarrassing to say the lease and had it not been for our comittment to annonimity and a non political affiliation stance, you would be shock to know of their dealings.

They have an intrenched idiotic idiom that seems to say "they are the ones that knows best hence our election of them to think for us".

Now that we are a bankrupt country trying to get out of this economic problem we have created, I doubt there would be any shift in their financial/political priorities to support any of the initiatives you mentioned. And even if you were bold enough to get one past this venue to the listening ears of "Caesar" you can bet the calculation would be weighed against the interest of the party rather than those of Gouyaverians.

But please, do not allow me to deter your interest. If you feel passionate enough about it, then use your political influence to make it happen. Remember, the good people of Sauters are ahead of us because they were promised an economic revitalization program to accommodate a Cruise Ship terminal, a harbor and some tourist attractions.

The rumors of an underground rail road to Cartiacou had turned out to be untrue.


Re: Moving on from Mutha

Hey guys are you despairing.? No need for that. Political power lies in the hands of the people nothing to stop them from taking their hopes and aspirations to their representatives and urging them to use their good offices to help get things done.
Can't believe that the Gouyave Tough attitude of my youth has mellowed or even worse, Jellowed.
Sorry Vernon I have special connections to offer.

MS Edmonds, Gros Islet is a fishing village in St Lucia, much like Gouyave, which was transformed into a hip cool entertainment hangout 25 years ago, imagine taking fish friday expanding it with beachsde bars and restaurants and entertainment spots in aa safe environment.gL

Re: Moving on from Mutha

Downstreet, no disparaging on my part.

It is just that I have developed a low tolerance level for mediocrity and tend to call a Spade, a Spade and not a Shovel.

You see, I would have been fine, had it not been for those coakes I received in my head from Teachers Elcia Williams and Ronald Vincent. And despite all the formal training I had received, low tolerance remains my Achilles Heel.

But I am concerned of the Gouyave you remembered in your youth, because my conversations with some of Gouyave's senoirs indicate that government abandonment for our parish dates back to the reigns of Gairy right on up to now. Do you have a different experience in dealing with government you wish to share?

I have a few but it would not be in my interest to reveal them here.

I am aware of the protocol for seeking government intervention but it is in following this same protocol that things get bogged down in this convoluted bureaucracy that sometimes ignores the influence of even our own Parliamentary Representative. So I am all ears for an alternative approach that would yield a different result and who knows, may even help advance your proposals.