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Re: Moving on from Mutha

Downstreet, no disparaging on my part.

It is just that I have developed a low tolerance level for mediocrity and tend to call a Spade, a Spade and not a Shovel.

You see, I would have been fine, had it not been for those coakes I received in my head from Teachers Elcia Williams and Ronald Vincent. And despite all the formal training I had received, low tolerance remains my Achilles Heel.

But I am concerned of the Gouyave you remembered in your youth, because my conversations with some of Gouyave's senoirs indicate that government abandonment for our parish dates back to the reigns of Gairy right on up to now. Do you have a different experience in dealing with government you wish to share?

I have a few but it would not be in my interest to reveal them here.

I am aware of the protocol for seeking government intervention but it is in following this same protocol that things get bogged down in this convoluted bureaucracy that sometimes ignores the influence of even our own Parliamentary Representative. So I am all ears for an alternative approach that would yield a different result and who knows, may even help advance your proposals.