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To my Conservative Friends, Observer & Spotter, "We Have Again"

Observer/Spotter, my good Conservative friends,

it is indeed a pleasure to inform you both of the latest developments regarding our first conquest since our defence of the House of Representatives and capturing the Senate from "dem scamps and dem". This came, despite the boisterousness of a mad lunatic of a woman who hails from Massachusetts and goes by the name Elizabeth. It appears that she is still be-deviled by our little mishap leading up to the 2008 mis-characterization of our Conservative President and felt it necessary to open old wounds.

Friends, I can assure you that this woman has no idea of the financing complexities our friends in the banking industry face each day in their efforts to secure the ittle "ka-ka-dah" in our pensions and Social Security accounts. Because of her ignorance and naiveté she had decided to oppose our proposal as a quid-pro-quo for us not shutting down the government. Immagine that our one provision for a continuance to sell high risk financial instruments to our clients, while keeping the profits but passing on the risk to the public seems to excape her supposedly intellectual accumen and it begs to ask, "what is she thinking"?

'How arrogant is dat woman'!

But one of our Conservative and Libertarian friends, also an avid listener to Rush, Palin, and Beck summarized our new harmonious relationship between government and our banking friends with a crude analogy of the "Tango Dance" this way:

Said he,

>>>>>>It takes two to tango. Government is the muscle behind the mega-banks. The only way it can be stopped is to make the government less powerful.<<<<<

But friends, nothing can be further from the truth and keeping with his "tango dance theme", I have decided to place some clarity as to what our friend meant, rather than what was said.

So here I go,

When government is made up of three branches, then more than two are tangoing at any time with our banking friends. our bois have figured out the formula for keeping the tango party going by funding it and ensuring that all have enough to eat and drink. Once they have done that, they can control the invitations, the menu, the brand of liquor to be served, knowing full well those greedy politicians never missed a beat to attend a gala where food and liquor are served.

The Supreme Court, who for years was always invited to our party, came but had refused to take part in the dance; preferring instead to remain on the sidelines sipping punch, looking all spiffy in their black see-through dresses while practicing teetotalism. They mingled with the crowd and listened to their inebriated, braggadocios brothers, especially those from the 'lower house' boast of lining their pockets with 'gifts' while getting rich from our bankers offerings.

Then two of our more clever friends (the Koch Brothers, they malignly referred to them as) whom the court has always ignored, far less to even dance with them, (no class, they say) came up with an idea that in order to get the court involved in the tango dance, they should spike the punch with a little Moonshine and that, they did.

Well, as you can imagine, upon feeling the effects of the liquor that they were not accustomed to ingesting, they began to tango, with everyone being careful of not stepping on their feet or gazing too salaciously at their dresses.
It was rumored that the two Koch Brothers that night, held that Scalia 'girl' in the back ally of the dance hall and was heard pleading for a dance, despite her concerns for the pain they may cause her because of their rumored ungentlemanly behavior.

The 'Thomas woman’, long believed to have a character unbecoming of a lady, was tangoing with every Tom, Dick and Harry. And when Tom and Harry's feet got tired, she was begging for "more Tangoing with the remaining one".

Mrs. Kennedy,(the usually shy one) was caught making sweet-eyes with Ms. Thomas as if to remind her to save a dance for their private affair later in the afternoon. All this was going on while our bankers were salivating at their new found friends who finally have decided to join them.

And in their drunken stupor, the court members, falling over each other, decided to thank their hosts with a gift most fitting for the gala and one they would always remember. They paid homage to them in a salut` and designated the affair as the "Citizens United". Our bankers clapped in glee, slapped each other on their backs and thanked the court for a splendid "gay"evening.

So to Observer and Spotter, I too raise my glass with both of you in anticipation of the better days ahead.