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Christmas preparations prayer : for even the trees of the forest will sing for joy!

Father God, as we prepare for the Christmas celebrations, whether we believe or not, your Word tells us that even if we do not believe in the Christ, we should believe in the works, the miracles, healings and teachings that Jesus Christ perform.

Father God, societal times are changing, the economic situations have affected a wide range of people, and for some Christmas instead of a celebration of the birth of Christ, may become burdensome with dark encircling clouds obscuring our light.

As I prepare for the celebration festival , I invoke your names, Wonderful Counsellor, the Lord who heals us, the Prince of Peace, lifting up in prayer, myself, my children, my immediate and extended family, forum post authors inclusive of our brothers and sisters around the world who are in a seemingly similar position, those caring for the chronically sick with no or little hope of a cure; those eagerly seeking work with dwindling personal savings; those in work that is unsatisfying but the bills are paid and food is placed on the table.; those seeking work with little money to buy food and pay bills.

We remember those who are sad or depressed and families under the pressure of caring for family members with mental health issues; and those seeking a greater financial change before the close of the year.

Let your Spirit continue to hover over us, helping us to accept our present situation or circumstances, with a greater hope and societal vision, to move us forward under Thy Mighty and merciful love - For it is written: That even the rivers will clap their hands, and the trees of the forest will sing for joy – so based on my faith, whatever are my needs, I stand firm on your word, for it is written: For with God nothing is impossible for those who believe. Amen.

written by Genevieve Jourdaine S.

So folks, I think I better put my hands together and like the river start to clap my hands, and open my mouth and joining with the trees of the forest, whatever my own circumstances I will open my mouth and sing with festive joy of whatever degrees..……………… let us sing, the additional verse to the Young 1859 version, by Egan in 2007

Silent Night, Holy Night
Mindful of mankind's plight
The Lord in Heav'n on high decreed
From earthly woes we would be freed
Jesus, God's promise for peace.
Jesus, God's promise for peace

Wishing all GoGouyave forum post authors and readers a peaceful Christmas preparations….. knowing that all our needs are seemingly met, by the One who brings day into night, and night into day.