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STOP cutting down trees : SAVE our Bamboo trees NOW! PLANT MORE calabash trees NOW!

This post is a reflective response to some of the posted messages -
Despite the changes in the global society, and as a member of the global community, I can say, 'what changes', most countries, for example some islands of the world, have had no significant economic financial changes since my grandfather used bamboo panelling for the kitchen floor - and with this global crisis, even the ordinary folks, the unemployed and those struggling to make ends meet in big cities are seeking food banks - philosophically speaking, from my perspective 'changes' follow a revolving 360 degrees circle, with the tightening or untightening of one's belt at intervening degrees!

When one think of these 'paradise' isles, bombarded by tourists, why are the islands still struggling economically? I recall a conversation with a Greek elderly gentleman, who told me that a large percentage of the Caribbean islanders should be well off because of the popularity of the islands as a tourist resorts - he asked if my grandmother who was alive at the time had a washing machine, and I said no, and he said, well she should have one. That's realism!

So when folks write or speak about changes, I say be real, these islands are infinitesimally tiny, they are not 'Paris' or 'London' - yes, Mabouya may be in need of a new road, so with tourism, right left and centre, where are the funds?? Pushing the sea back to build, may lead to futuristic devastation - folks have to be realistic with their vision for the island.

Geographically speaking, folks are so bombarded with jumping on the 'new change bandwagon', they may tend to forget even the definition of an island..
"An island is a PIECE of land surrounded by water' - and geographically speaking, islands have their own ecological grounding or umbrella cover for the safety of land and the islanders, eg bamboo trees, ample beach sand, mangrove swamps, coconut trees (not the faster dwarf growing coconut trees, but the tall naturally lean coconut trees - but do I hear a 'get with the times by growing fast ones - that robs the islands of their natural beauty) ecological reefs, rivers (with titiri in it) - yes, several trees have fallen to hurricane weather, but what has been replanted!

So the folks who are voicing their 'changes' requirements need to rethink, exactly what an island is -basically, a small island will not be considered for hosting an 'Olympic Games'.

The use of equipment such as a wooden ruler in Mathematics, will eventually return to the classroom, (and has it ever left the Mathematics room - I do not think so!) A range of equipment are subjected to trends, but trends returns, like fashion trends - any learning equipment is better than no equipment. And down the line, the calabash bowl will make an 'expensive' nostalgic return! A friend told me that she saw in a London street market, cocoa in different shapes, one was shaped like an old fashioned iron, hammer etc, I suppose you grate it to make cocoa tea, or for desserts... and she stated further down she saw a man playing his steel pan - and you know what I am sure the man selling his unusual shape cocoa items will hack in the big bucks.

Anyway, back to my trees, the islands need to be 'manually recreated' to its respected natural beauty, by the ecological measurement of replanting a substantial amount of the fallen trees by a hurricane.

That is the least 'man' can do for their habitat, and woe and behold, we are all accountable by doing our bit, be it voicing our opinions, rather than saying nought!

SAVE our bamboo trees! Plant more Bamboo trees! SAVE our calabash trees! Plant more calabash trees!

Dear Observer, I have no access to any festive mulled wine or mince pies on this very natural infinitesimal SWPacific island, so I have to make do with a nice cup of freshly picked coconut water (the boys actually climb up the trees) whilst looking in the far distance of a very isolated aqua coloured lagoon. A paradise of peaceful 'Christmas' bliss!